Why Smart Money Loves This Biotech Stock

Source: Amgen, Flickr.The biotech sector is something of a roulette wheel for investors. The chances of being right are typically against you, but if you can land a winner every now and then the rewards can multiply many times over your initial bet.A majority of the biotech sector is comprised of clinical-stage pipelines or developing product portfolios which are still […]

3 Biotech Stocks in Danger of Running Out of Cash

Source: Flickr user Mike PoreskyFew sectors offer a greater potential for risk and reward than biotechnology. It’s a sector where many companies are still in the early stages of their drug development process, but if you happen to catch a winner the returns can compound many times over.Unfortunately, the odds are stacked against biotech investors with far more drugs failing […]

3 Up and Coming Biotech Stocks to Watch

Source: Ligand PharmaceuticalsHow hot is biotech these days? The top two exchange trade funds focusing on biotech stocks both more than tripled the performance of the S&P 500 index over the past 12 months. That’s pretty hot.You might be asking, however, if it’s too late to still make solid returns in this sizzling sector. Not at all. There are plenty […]

Bubble Bursting? 3 Top Stock Biotech Stocks to Buy

Source: Celgene Corp.Biotech companies have been among the market’s best-performing stocks, and that means many of the industry’s top stocks have soared to lofty levels that might have kept investors on the sidelines. Since sliding markets are likely to take biotech stocks lower, investors could soon have their first chance in a long time to buy into some great companies […]

3 Biotech Stocks to Buy If the Sector Crashes

The biotech sector has been on a roll lately. The SPDR S&P Biotech ETF ; ;has more than tripled since the start of 2012, compared to “just” a 63% increase in the S&P 500 .Source: Jeff Kubina via Flickr .Are we in a bubble that’s about to pop? We’ll only know for sure if (when?) the sector pulls back.In the […]

Could This Clinical-Stage Biotech Stock Soar in April?

Biotech stocks are known for their wild ways. Over the last few years, for instance, we have witnessed dozens of small-cap companies soar — as well as sink — following pivotal clinical or regulatory catalysts.Perhaps one of the most intriguing aspects of this phenomenon is that the biggest moves tend to occur in under-the-radar biotechs. Before skyrocketing by over 300% […]

3 Easy Ways to Fail When Investing in Biotech Stocks

The biotech sector has the potential for outsized returns, but also extra risk not seen with larger pharmaceutical companies (and larger companies in general).Sometimes the easiest way to make money is to follow Warren Buffett’s advice and not lose it in the first place. We asked some of The Motley Fool’s biotech experts to weigh in on common mistakes investors […]

3 Little-Known Biotech Stocks I'm Keeping an Eye On

Source: Neuralstem.I haven’t bought these three little-known biotech stocks (yet), but I am watching them closely because I think each of them could have catalysts soon that could move their shares this year. All three are small-market-cap companies that come with risks that are common in this highly speculative pop-and-drop industry, but for investors willing to take a risk, these […]

Forget MannKind Corporation; Here Are 3 Better Biotech Stocks

Fits and starts in developing a revolutionary new inhaled insulin have meant that Al Mann’s MannKind has had more than its fair share of pops and drops over the past few years. MannKind won FDA approval for Afrezza last summer and announced its commercial launch earlier this month . The news has investors wondering if now is a good time […]

3 Biotech Stocks I'd Love to Stash Away in My Portfolio Forever

Source: Celgene CorporationIt’s been proven time and time again that investing for the long haul outperforms short-term trading, but biotechnology stock investors must also realize that the industry moves so quickly that only the best-of-breed players ought to be stashed away for the long term. For that reason, while I’m happy to own a few speculative biotech stocks here and […]