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Stock Market Panic! Why is It Happening?
Perhaps stock prices for past few years were to a large extent an inflationary bubble.
Brian Doherty|Aug. 24, 2015 11:57 am


Everything is multicausal, economies and markets are complicated things, and at base the only thing we can know for sure about why prices start to plummet is that, other things being equal, lots of people […]

At Least the Federal Reserve Can Help Those Playing the Stock …

At Least the Federal Reserve Can Help Those Playing the Stock Market
Otherwise, evidence for positive outcome from quantitative easing slim, says study from Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.
Brian Doherty|Aug. 18, 2015 11:56 pm


Stephen D. Williamson of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis last month issued a study  called “Current Federal Reserve Policy Under the Lens of Economic History: A […]

Beijing – China's Stock Market Crash: Shanghai Share Index Suffers …

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A man walks past an electronic stock board of a securities firm in Tokyo, Monday, July 27, 2015. Asian stock markets were lower Monday as weak Chinese manufacturing accelerated the sell-off in oil and other commodities. Investors were also cautious ahead of the Federal Reserve’s policy meeting later this week. (AP Photo/Ken Aragaki)Beijing – […]

2015 2nd Quarter Market Commentary

2015 2nd Quarter Market CommentaryJuly 22, 2015 | Documents and Literature,Insight,News & Press | Editor | 0 CommentOverviewThe fireworks came out just in time for the Fourth of July.  The second quarter was relatively sleepy until the end of June when the Greek debt crisis made headlines again.  Greece rejected a cash-for-reform proposal by the EU and missed an IMF […]

'Buy the dip' is not working – Business Insider

Flickr/Craig LloydMore down than up in the stock market this year.”Buy the dip.”Since the Federal Reserve announced its third quantitative easing program in the fall of 2012, the running joke in the US stock market has been that to make money, all you need to do is buy the dip. But it wasn’t even really a joke: in 2013 and 2014, […]

Biotech stock bubble set for massive implosion: Stocks rose 88% AFTER Fed chair admitted they were overvalued

Biotech stock bubble set for massive implosion: Stocks rose 88% AFTER Fed chair admitted they were overvaluedWednesday, July 8, 2015
By Paul Martinby: J. D. HeyesNaturalNews.comWednesday, July 08, 2015If you’re trying to understand today’s stock market and are having some degree of difficulty, you’re not alone.The markets are confusing enough sometimes for experts, so they can be particularly baffling for laypersons. […]

Is This The Chart That Scared Yellen Capital Out Of Biotechs?

Nope, no bubble here at all. Biotechs driven by fun-durr-mentals like everything else…*)As Bloomberg reports, perhaps there is a limit it this insanity. Demand for options tied to declines in an exchange-traded fund tracking the companies rose to the highest level in three years relative to bullish ones, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The Nasdaq Biotechnology Index has risen […]

"On the Verge of a Massive Collapse": Ron Paul Says Stock Market …

“On the Verge of a Massive Collapse”: Ron Paul Says Stock Market Headed for a Day of Reckoning
Mac Slavo
June 20th, 2015SHTFplan.comComments (9)Read by 1,197 people

We all know it is only a matter of time until the music stops.But Dr. Ron Paul, the former Congressman often celebrated for his outspoken views and opposition to the funny money economic system, says […]

Ron Paul: US Stock Market About to Collapse / Sputnik International

US01:33 20.06.2015(updated 09:06 20.06.2015)Get short URL2648273″I look at the markets as being unstable, which means some days they go up a lot and some days they go down rapidly, but they don’t advance very far when you look at real growth,” Paul said on CNBC’s ‘Futures Now’ on Thursday.© AP Photo/ Ben MargotRon Paul: Death Penalty in America is Immoral”The […]

"The Fed Has Wreaked Havoc" Ron Paul Warns Markets' "Day Of …

“I am utterly amazed at how the Federal Reserve can play havoc with the market,” Ron Paul exclaimed on CNBC’s “Futures Now” referring to Thursday’s surge in stocks, warnings that he sees it as “being very unstable.” As Paul rages, “the fallacy of economic planning” has created such a “horrendous bubble” in the bond market that it’s only a matter […]