Inflating the Stock Market – When Trillions of Dollars Chase Fewer …

What happens when more money chases fewer goods? Prices inflate. Although many understand this principle when it comes to goods or services, it also applies equally as well to the stock market.In a recent interview with Financial Sense Newshour (click here for audio), Craig Johnson at Piper Jaffray explains how there’s far less stocks available to buy in the market […]

A.I. and the Stock Market – Just Barely Scratching the Surface | FS …

Over the last several years, many of the traditional tools and economic assumptions used for understanding the financial system have been slowly replaced by more powerful tools originally developed by physicists, biologists, or even engineers.Dr. Hamid Benbrahim, a data scientist and expert in finance, machine learning, and robotics, explains how the financial system is a complex adaptive system and that […]

Martin Armstrong: Geopolitical Problems, Flight to … – Financial Sense

The always popular and controversial Martin Armstrong, creator of the widely cited Economic Confidence Model, gave some interesting predictions for the market along with his thoughts on Putin and Russia in a recent Financial Sense Newshour interview. Here are some excerpts:FSN: Martin, you have a wide following with investors and host large conferences around the globe. What are you telling […]