Chinese Man Jumps From 17th Floor In First Stock Market Casualty …

It appears the collapse of China’s stock market has officially taken its first victim. While we have heard from desperate farmers who lost everything after realizing that making money in stocks is not easier than farmwork, RT reports that a 57-year-old man has allegedly committed suicide in Shenyang, the largest city in Liaoning Province, by jumping off the 17th floor […]

Hong Kong’s Stocks: Now Cheaper Than Pakistan’s

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Islamabad or bust: HK stocks can now be bought more cheaply than Pakistan’s.

Having a powerful economy in your orbit, Big Brother style, has its benefits and drawbacks. For the longest time, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE) has benefited from riding China’s slipstream: Late last year, mainland China overtook Japan […]

Here's a simple explanation for what just happened to the stock market

Business InsiderThe BI Markets team!See AlsoQ&A: What’s behind the China’s yuan devaluationHere’s why China is weakening its currencyDeutsche Bank on China’s crazy stock market: ‘There’s no obvious explanation’Global markets are making a woooooooooooshing sound Monday morning as everything tanks.Why is this happening, and should you be worried?Well, I talked to our Markets team. It is inarguably made up of the […]

How low could stocks go? – Business Insider

Hulton Archive/Getty ImagesThe stock-market tumble of the past week has reminded everyone that stock prices also go down.So this seems a good time to remind everyone that stock prices could go down a lot further. In fact, stock prices have to go down a lot further — or, at least, have to stay generally flat for a very long time […]

Downfall in US Stocks: Worst Scenario in Last Four Years

As per the recent reports on US stocks, it has crashed more than 2% for the second session, as Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped much more than 500 points. The sudden downfall in the US stocks has raised fears of economic slowdown globally. Most markets from US to China have entered within the correction territory especially after the stocks were […]

Stock market falls: four factors stoking global economic fears …

A shop worker in Jakarta, Indonesia, counts rupiah after a big fall in its value amid increasing fears for the health of the Chinese economy Photograph: Bay Ismoyo/AFP/Getty Images
China slowdownChina’s continued growth helped limit the impact of the global recession of 2009 but now fears are increasing that the world’s second-biggest economy could cause the next recession. China’s growth is […]

Singapore Stock Market crash 2.64% in a single day | States Times …

The Singapore stock market with the national Straits Times Index (STI) crashed 2.64% in a single day today (August 12) and even bottomed out at 3,060 (-2.95%) in the morning today. Singapore’s economy is currently facing a downturn with a decline of 4% in GDP from yesterday’s official announcement. The Singapore currency is also currently trading at its 5-year low […]

'the most important consequence' of China's stock market crash

Wikimedia CommonsWangfujing Street, BeijingChina’s economy is going through a rough patch, and fears things could get worse have been exacerbated by the recent crash of the country’s high-flying stock market.But amid all of this, the real losers may be the leaders in Beijing.”The diminished credibility of policymakers may be the most important consequence of the crisis,” a team of Citi Research economists said […]

Global stock markets boosted amid speculation China may devalue …

An investor smiles after the Shanghai Composite Index rose 4.9% on Monday in its best day for a month. Photograph: Xie Zhengyi/Xinhua Press/Corbis
Stock markets around the world have been lifted by hopes that the Chinese government will allow its currency to devalue to boost growth after figures at the weekend showed a surprise slump in exports from the world’s second-largest […]

Why the real Chinese economy is more important than the stock …

David Dollar | July 16, 2015 8:00amWhy the real Chinese economy is more important than the stock marketChina’s stock market has been on a roller-coaster ride over the past year. It more than doubled in value in the 12 months ending on June 12. Then it took a breathtaking plunge, wiping out a third of its value (more than $3 […]