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VestVest cofounder Karan Sood.See AlsoA Beginner’s Guide To Stock OptionsThe Truth About The Skype Execs Who Got “Screwed” In The Microsoft BuyoutNever Forget: A Founding CEO’s Real Job Is To Find A Repeatable Business ModelA new generation of millennial investors is coming of age with money to save. But one problem for Wall Street is that many of these millennials […]

Saturday July 25, 215

$SPY, $STUDY Blowout earnings from AMZN set the stock market up for a nice bounce on Friday morning, however, with energy, materials and high-beta biotech stocks gapping down at the open, the overall upside momentum was short-lived. The Flash PMI out of China, which showed a contraction in manufacturing activities, had many investors worried. A sizable miss in June new […]

My Marketocracy Fund was up 23% in first half of 2015

2015 to date, has been good for my model fund. I am up 23% vs 0% for the S&P500 and vs 20% for the IBB biotech index.
My long-term performance also remains strong – I have turned 385% over the past 10 years vs 76% for the S&P500.I anticipate the second half of 2015 will also be good for my fund. […]

Indexes Battle Brick Wall

The Market Trend Model ( continues to hold its positive bias as the Nasdaq ( battles against the area around the5,000 level. Likewise, the S&P 500 ( is in its own epic battle with the area around the 2,100 level. So far during the week the indexes have found support at their respective 20-day moving averages as earnings season has […]


Some Big Movers: EOG, TSLA, PANW, CYBR, TWTR, CLVS, FDXStocks have been most positive so far this week. Energy stocks have bounced, and oil spiked up over the past two days with Brent testing $60/barrel and WTI trading at around $53/barrel. We trade EOG calls in myHappy Trades portfolio and booked a +81.78% profit:TSLA jumped about on Monday as the […]

How Vulnerable Is The Stock Market? – Ciovacco Capital Management

Rate Hikes Always Spook InvestorsFriday’s big “fear of a rate increase” selloff in stocks was not getting a bearish follow-through during Monday’s session. While it is too early for the bulls to declare victory, the Fed has been telegraphing a rate hike for some time. From The Wall Street Journal:
“It just feels like people are starting to shrug off the […]

STTG Market Recap Feb 11, 2015 – Stock Trading To Go

VIDEO UPDATE: Market analysis + CANSLIM stock picks.A very quiet morning led to some volatility in the afternoon but in the end it was a quiet close on the indexes as the S&P 500 was fractionally lower while the NASDAQ added 0.28%.  Most of the attention was on Greece again but most expect a can kicked down the road… as […]

The Stock Market Is Just Noticing What The Bond Market Has …

…that growth is slowing, the credit cycle could have already peaked and risk appetites are waning.Over the summer I attended a conference which featured Steen Jakobsen as one of the speakers. The one thing he said that really stuck with me is that long-term bond yields lead the economy by about 9 months. If that is true, economists are going to […]

Stock market shoots up by over a thousand points – The Express …

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Is The U.S. Stock Market Overvalued? – SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF …

SummaryWe examine the Shiller CAPE ratio to understand whether the US stock market is overvalued.
Prior articles have suggested the US stock market is overvalued based on the CAPE ratio.
I argue that when you analyze the CAPE ratio relative to the interest rate environment the US stock market is not over valued.
This article is in response to an article recently published […]