How big data has become accessible to everyone | VentureBeat …

It’s been the narrative of technology since the wheel was invented. Something is new, exciting … and expensive. Then we find a way to mass produce it (or something similar). Processes get better, and equipment gets cheaper. Consumers save big. Then something new comes out.Lather, rinse, repeat.When big data first rose to market prominence, critics were quick to pounce on […]

IBM software defined storage reduces the cost of big data – BetaNews

Big data places enormous demands on storage and in many cases conventional technologies are struggling to keep up.In an effort to deliver improved economics and at the same time enable organizations to access and process any type of data, on any type of storage device, anywhere in the world, IBM has unveiled a portfolio of software defined storage products.Codenamed “Elastic […]

Why Watson's in Jeopardy in the Big Data Game – Direct Marketing …

January 10, 2014

Why Watson’s in Jeopardy in the Big Data Game

Watson: From TV star to business mogul

IBM yesterday announced a three-pronged initiative to establish its Watson cognitive computing services as a player […]