Black Swan Diving Into Pavement: For Fun and Profit

Corporations import Third World deflation (poverty) and Central Banks turn it into 0% capital for speculation. It’s exactly what an Idiocracy would do, given the chance. Instead of questioning the use of 0% interest rates to fix a catastrophe caused by 1% interest rates, the Idiocracy went to work monetizing poverty.This entire creep show…0% interest rates, blue light specials, stock […]

China to Establish Fund Aimed at Stabilizing Stock Market

Chinese government mad manipulations continue.Since hitting a peak in June, the Shanghai Composite Index has plummeted by 29 percent, and more than 3 trillion dollars of “paper wealth” has been wiped out.Although China has done much to open up its economy, since the communist days of Mao, and many free market businesses thrive, sadly the government has also adopted Keynesian […]