Two Mornings in August

I have to write about today… have to get something off my chest.August 1st, 2011

I remember the first month of live trading at my prop firm. We (myself plus 11 others) were all trainees pikering around with a few hundred shares, risking no more than $150 for the entire day. We spent our morning prep sessions going over stocks gapping […]


Stocks reversed the morning gains today and ended lower. The Dow was down 120.72 points (-0.69%); Nasdaq fell 83.5 points (-1.62%); SPX dropped 16.28 points (-0.78%).In this week’s Market Forecast, we discussed the possibility of leading sectors (biotech, internet, software, financial) finally falling back and pulling the broader market down.I have been saying for a while now that the broader […]

China to Establish Fund Aimed at Stabilizing Stock Market

Chinese government mad manipulations continue.Since hitting a peak in June, the Shanghai Composite Index has plummeted by 29 percent, and more than 3 trillion dollars of “paper wealth” has been wiped out.Although China has done much to open up its economy, since the communist days of Mao, and many free market businesses thrive, sadly the government has also adopted Keynesian […]

Dow falls more than 300 Points as Dollar Soars

Sellers woke up from the weekend and hit the market hard today with volume soaring along with the US Dollar.  The Dow Jones Industrial average fell more than 300 points leading all indexes lower with the Russell 2000 holding up the best.  Biotech stocks held up relatively well despite the selling in the broader market.  Clearly many traders are worried […]

STTG Market Recap Jan 6, 2015 – Stock Trading To Go

Watch tonight’s video market recap on my Ticker.tv channel, Mark333.Indexes continued their rotten start to 2015 as the S&P 500 fell 0.89% and the NASDAQ 1.29%.  Markets opened up and then sellers came in which is not the type of action you want to see during a bull market move – you want the opposite (morning weakness bought!).  Oil continues […]

Could This Biotech Stock Fall Even Further?

View gallery.Sometimes the stock market gets on a run and traders enjoy the ride.The same can apply with individual stocks. Once the wind is at their backs, traders can take off and run to previously unforeseen heights.However, all runs must come to an end eventually. The million-dollar question is, when?This is where technical analysis can sometimes help.Commonly, stocks getting ready […]

STTG Market Recap November 26, 2014 – Stock Trading To Go

Entering the week we noted holiday weeks are generally known for quiet, low volatility sessions with a modest upward skew – and that is exactly what we have seen this week.  The S&P 500 gained 0.28% and the NASDAQ 0.61% as buyers slowly came into the market all day.   Orders for U.S. business equipment such as machinery and electrical gear […]

How to Make Money in Biotech Stocks, No M.D. Required

From DailyWealthHow to Make Money in Biotech Stocks, No M.D. RequiredBy Dr. Steve SjuggerudTuesday, November 25, 2014″If you catch just one biotech bull market in your lifetime, you may never have to work again…”I’ve written that many times in our research. Why? Because biotech booms are like nothing else in American investing…The potential gains – without leverage – are extraordinary. […]

Is the stock-market correction over?—commentary – CNBC.com

When small-cap stocks are outperforming their large-cap brethren, it can be a sign of speculative excess in the market, and when the small stocks start going down …. a sign of a broader correction to come.We have seen signs of all these divergences leading up to the market’s most recent pull back. We’ve also seen major market averages break below […]

Stock Market Status Quo…. :: The Market Oracle :: Financial Markets …

Stock Market Status Quo….Stock-Markets / Stock Markets 2014Aug 30, 2014 – 12:39 PM GMTBy: Jack_SteimanThis an abbreviated holiday edition.Folks, to be honest, there’s not much to day about this market that we haven’t discussed repeatedly for weeks, if not months. There are a number of issues the market is facing that one would think would be the beginning of the […]