What You Can Do About The Upcoming Stock Market Crash

So you have some money you want to invest but you’re worried because you keep hearing that the stock market is going to crash. Isn’t it better to wait until after that happens so you can buy in when it’s safer?It’s true that the stock market will crash. In fact I guarantee it. The only problem is that no one […]

China's Stock Market Just Crashed in the Most Predictable Way …

China’s Stock Market Just Crashed in the Most Predictable Way Joshua KrauseThe Daily SheepleJuly 27th, 20151,369 views

Just last month, Chinese stocks were on one hell of a hot streak. The Shenzhen and Shanghai stock exchanges had risen to unprecedented heights, and were worth a total of $10 trillion. But by early July, their value had plummeted by a whopping 30% […]

China to Establish Fund Aimed at Stabilizing Stock Market

Chinese government mad manipulations continue.Since hitting a peak in June, the Shanghai Composite Index has plummeted by 29 percent, and more than 3 trillion dollars of “paper wealth” has been wiped out.Although China has done much to open up its economy, since the communist days of Mao, and many free market businesses thrive, sadly the government has also adopted Keynesian […]

"On the Verge of a Massive Collapse": Ron Paul Says Stock Market …

“On the Verge of a Massive Collapse”: Ron Paul Says Stock Market Headed for a Day of Reckoning
Mac Slavo
June 20th, 2015SHTFplan.comComments (9)Read by 1,197 people

We all know it is only a matter of time until the music stops.But Dr. Ron Paul, the former Congressman often celebrated for his outspoken views and opposition to the funny money economic system, says […]

China's Stock Market Bubble is off the Charts | The Daily Sheeple

China’s Stock Market Bubble is off the Charts Joshua KrauseThe Daily SheepleJune 10th, 2015123 views

For the most part, the precipitous rise of the New York Stock Exchange in recent years, has garnered more attention than any other stock exchange in the world. After reaching the highest levels seen since the Dot-com crash, it’s obvious that the Dow Jones and NASDAQ […]

How Much Money Did the Fed Dump into the Stock Market? | The …

How Much Money Did the Fed Dump into the Stock Market? Joshua KrauseThe Daily SheepleMay 30th, 2015815 views

Ever since the housing crash of 2008 and the stock market crash that followed, there has been an undeniable trend in our economy. As soon as the Fed began its quantitative easing program, the stock market started to recover. The more cash they […]

China overtakes Japan to become world's second largest stock market

China overtakes Japan to become world’s second largest stock marketPublished time: November 29, 2014 14:21Get short URLReuters/Carlos BarriaTagsBanking, China, Investment, Japan, MarketsThe capitalization of the Chinese stock market increased 33 percent in 2014 reaching $4.48 trillion, which makes the market second only to the US.Japan’s stock market declined 3.2 percent to $4.46 trillion in 2013, according to Bloomberg analysts.The Chinese […]

Big Data's Biggest Challenge: Convincing People Not to Trust Their …

Here’s a simple rule for the second machine age we’re in now: as the amount of data goes up, the importance of human judgment should go down.The previous statement reads like heresy, doesn’t it? Management education today is largely about educating for judgment—developing future leaders’ pattern-matching abilities, usually via exposure to a lot of case studies and other examples, so […]