Commission-Free Stock Trading App Robinhood Is Coming To …

Android: Most brokerages charge you every time you buy or sell a stock or ETF. Robinhood, however, lets you trade for free and is at last available now for Android users, as well as those on iOS.In addition to charging $US0 commissions on trades of US-listed securities, the mobile app also has features like seeing your portfolio and personal watchlist […]

Robinhood Offers Simple (and Free) Stock Trading – Two Cents

iOS: If you want to buy or sell stock, you usually have to pay a fee. At $7-$10 per transaction, they can add up. Robinhood eliminates these fees, offering free stock trading that’s incredibly simple.Generally, we’re fans of “set and forget” investing with funds, rather than individual stock investing. Right now, Robinhood lets you trade individual stocks and exchange-traded funds […]

Is the Stock Market Going to Crash Soon? – Two Cents – Lifehacker

Dear Lifehacker,I’ve been reading a ton about the stock market hitting more new records. Nobel Prize winning economists are warning that the market is overvalued. Does this mean a crash is coming? What should I do?Sincerely,Intimidated InvestorDear Intimidated,There are a few levels to your question, but let’s start with the main one: Is the stock market going to crash? Yes, […]

Stockflare Simplifies Stock Market Data to Make Investing Easier

Reviewing stock market data can be confusing. Maybe you’re not exactly sure what to look for or how to interpret the numbers of an individual stock. Stockflare makes it easier to understand by analyzing and simplifying the data, then curating the most useful info.The website provides the same data you’d find on any market search tool, but Stockflare makes the […]