Commission-Free Stock Trading App Robinhood Is Coming To …

Android: Most brokerages charge you every time you buy or sell a stock or ETF. Robinhood, however, lets you trade for free and is at last available now for Android users, as well as those on iOS.In addition to charging $US0 commissions on trades of US-listed securities, the mobile app also has features like seeing your portfolio and personal watchlist […]

PayPal Stock Will Start Trading on July 20 | Re/code

EBay’s spinoff of its payments business PayPal is scheduled to be completed on July 17, the company announced today, with PayPal beginning regular trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market on July 20. EBay shareholders will receive one share of PayPal for every share of eBay they own. EBay, excluding the PayPal business, registered 10 percent more revenue than PayPal in […]

LinkedIn Earnings Push Stock Down More Than 25 Percent | Re/code

LinkedIn hit Wall Street’s financial expectations Thursday, but lowered its revenue guidance for next quarter as investors sent the stock down more than 25 percent during after-hours trading.LinkedIn reported 57 cents per share on $638 million in revenue for the first quarter of 2015. That’s a revenue jump of more than 35 percent over the same quarter last year.Those numbers […]

Bubbles, Economic and Financial Forecasts!

Dear Reader,Non-farm payrolls in March in the USA were weak. I expect a very weak GDP reading for the first quarter of 2015. Overall, I forecast US GDP to grow no more than 2.5% year on year in 2015. Actually, I think the growth year on year of US GDP for 2015 will be closer to 2.0% than to 2.5%.That […]

Stocks, Bonds and Economic Forecasts!

Dear Reader,US tech and biotech stocks are in a bubble. I expect a 30% sell off in these two segments of the US stock market within 2015. The main US stock indices to sell off 20% from current levels.EUR/USD to target 0.90 in 2015. Gold to fall to 1050 USD in 2015.European stocks to also sell off 20% from current […]

The Bubble Predictions Continue…and Ted Knight

Share on StockTwitsEmbedIt’s easy to grin when your ships comes in and you have the stock market beat…but a man worthwhile is a man that can smile, when his shorts are too tight in the seat..
Ted Knight, Caddy shack
I miss Ted Knight. I know this quote by heart and I learned it before I cared about stocks and markets. I […]

Stocks, Bonds and New FX Targets!

Dear Reader,I still expect US stock markets to fall 20% in 2015 from the current levels measured by the main indices. US tech stocks and biotech stocks are in a bubble and should fall more than 30% from the current levels. Eurozone stocks should fall 20% from the current levels.US treasuries should sell off in 2015. The 10 year yield […]

Currencies, Stocks and Bonds!

Dear Reader,My forecasts for the foreign exchange markets are almost coming true. USD/YEN is already above 120 and EUR/USD is close to 1.05.I still expect US stock markets to sell off in 2015 nearly 20% from the current levels measured by the main indices. Tech and biotech stocks should fall 30% from the current levels. US nonpublic and some public […]

Stocks and Bonds!

Dear Reader,Gold broke briefly 1200 this week. Gold is about to target 1050 in 2015. EUR/USD should target 1.05 in 2015.US stocks should fall 20% measured by the main indices from the current levels. US Tech stocks, especially nonpublic venture capital backed, are in a bubble, along with biotech. Both should decline more than 30%.The disruption that the forecasted fall […]

Nasdaq Internet Group Breaking Downtrend?

After trending downwards for the last year, the Nasdaq Internet Group finally looks to be breaking higher. You can see the break above the top of the downtrend in the chart below.Remember when the Internet group was surging higher right inline with the Biotech group in 2013? That surge seems like an eternity ago after the lackluster performance Internet stocks […]