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Stock Market Retail Investors About to Get Fleeced AgainStock-Markets / Stock Markets 2014Aug 10, 2014 – 06:22 PM GMTBy: PhilStockWorldCourtesy of Pater Tenebrarum, The Acting Man writes: Mistiming the MarketAs a small addendum to our previous post on the market situation, here is a chart recently posted by the “Short Side of Long”. It shows the cash allocation reported by […]

Short Side Of Long: Stock Market Only Game In Town… For Now!

Chart 1: US stocks outperform Bonds and Gold by a large margin in 2013
Source: Short Side of Long
The chart above tries to do a decent job at presenting the basic returns in the Global Macro investment world of finance. S&P 500 represents equities, 30 Year Treasuries represent bonds and Gold represents commodities / hard assets.A simple conclusion one […]