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To notice how the stock market works in today’s market
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People should understand the working of stock market and they have to start invest in the option that is safer for them. Stock exchange courses are available for the beginners of stock market and they can learn those courses to get proficient results. […]

Sector Detector: Holiday fever takes hold of stock investors, but a pullback is needed

With warmer weather arriving to melt the early snowfall across much of the country, investors seem to be catching a severe case of holiday fever and positioning themselves for the seasonally bullish time of the year. And to give an added boost, both Europe and Asia provided more fuel for the bull’s fire last week with stimulus announcements, particularly China’s […] » Candlestick Pattern Signals–Technical Analysis

> Articles > Candlestick Pattern Signals – Technical Analysis Candlestick Pattern Signals – Technical AnalysisJune 30th, 2014firstadopterCandlestick pattern signals give you a representation of supply/demand for a security on a daily basis. Forgive my crude art-work, here are the basic signals:Categories: Articles

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How Traders Can Utilize CCI (Commodity Channel Index) To Trade …

The CCI, or Commodity Channel Index, was developed by Donald Lambert, a technical analyst who originally published the indicator in Commodities magazine (now Futures) in 1980. Despite its name, the CCI can be used in any market and is not just for commodities. The CCI was originally developed to spot long-term trend changes but has been adapted by traders for […]