Taboo Talk: Technical Analysis – Morningstar

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a portfolio manager confess to using technical analysis. Well, not using that word.
Picking stocks because of their price movements fell into academic disfavor in the 1960s, when mainframe computers gave professors the ability to collect and crunch large data sets. The University of Chicago’s Gene Fama showed that past stock prices had […]

Big Data's Next Evolution: Relevancy – Gravity

Technology // 1.23.14 Big Data’s Next Evolution: RelevancyEveryone is always asking me how big our ontology is. How many nodes are in your ontology? How many edges do you have? Or the most common – how many terabytes of data do you have in your ontology? We live in a world where over a decade of attempted human curation of a […]

Big data can give athletes the winning edge –

Sport at the elite level has always adopted new technologies to capture data from players during play to better understand their performance and their team’s result.

Closely aligned with this is the practice of data analytics, […]