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« previous post | next post »Chǎogǔ 炒股 (lit., “stir-fry stock”) means playing with stocks and bonds (stock market speculation). This is probably THE hottest term in the PRC vocabulary today. The term itself is not in the following widely circulating cartoon, but the spirit of the term is very much present:Complete translation:rén zài zhèndì zài 人在阵地在 (lit., “people [rén […]

Biotech Stocks…and Benjamin Graham | Jason Zweig

Posted by Jason Zweig on Mar 30, 2015 in Blog, Featured, Posts |Image credit: Genetically modified Amflora cells, BASF, flickr Creative CommonsBy Jason Zweig11:17 am ET  Mar. 27, 2015In a research note out today, Credit Suisse analysts Ravi Mehrotra, Jason Kantor, Anuj Shah and Jeremiah Shepard write that biotechnology stocks are not in a bubble but “rather in a new […]

Apps Make Stock Trading Accessible for Young Gamers

Taylor McBride/flickrIn the wake of recent scandals, millennials have become disillusioned with the finance industry. But with the emergence of gamification, stock market trading apps are beginning to revive young people’s interest in the industry.Angry Birds. Candy Crush. BUX. Most smartphone users will know the first two gaming apps, but what about that last one? “We want you to play […]

Meaningless Market Phrases That Sound Smart – Business Insider

If you follow stock-market punditry obsessively like we do, you’ll quickly notice something.A handful of analysts speak English. But the vast majority don’t.Rather, they speak a language unique to the investment business.This language consists of market phrases that sound intelligent but don’t mean anything.The phrases don’t sound like they don’t mean anything, of course. On the contrary, they sound like they mean […]

Future: Perfect!

My future is perfect for me! In English, we use future perfect tense to talk about actions that will be finished before some point in the future. In my case, it is less than three (3) years away. My future is certain, however the duration is not! I planned for thirty (30) years in retirement just in case I am […]

Valuetronic up almost 70% – How to trade this stock over … – Andy Yew

Previously we posted on Valuetronic at $0.32 in MAY the stock went up 70+% after thathttp://www.andy-yew.com/2014/05/valuetronics-uptrending-stocks-at.htmlBuy at Support of ART supertrend system
1 AUG 2014 post: http://www.andy-yew.com/2014/08/valuetronic-at-support-level-again.html
Few days ago on 1st Aug, we posted Valuetronic’s support level again, Big player still in the stock and it bounce up from the support level again!Want to know more about our ART System, How […]

Google Searches About Politics Predict the Stock Market – IEEE …

The number of Google searches related to business and politics can help predict falls in the stock market, researchers at the University of Warwick, in England, say.Scientists have recently begun investigating what people look for on Google and Wikipedia to help forecast the future. For instance, prior research has shown the rate at which people look up information about the […]

Capitaland – Singapore Stocks | How To Trade CFD | Andy Yew

Capitaland currently in a symmertrical triangle chart pattern, it has been sideway for 2 month, will it break the 3.27 resistance, if it does, that can be a sign of uptrend continuation. Our system short the first blue arrow today.Join us in our Upcoming seminar to find out more on <<How to Identify Big Player>> in the stock!Dates:17 July […]

Lantrovision – Singapore Stocks | How To Trade CFD | Andy Yew

Dates:8 July 2014, Tue (English Seminar) 7pm – 10pm or10 July 2014, Thu (华文Seminar) 7pm – 10pmVenue: 141 Cecil Street, Tung Ann Association Building #07-02 S(069541) Tanjong Pagar MRT Exit G, walk straight 80m, opposite the traffic lightClick Here To Register

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Lantrovision – Singapore Stocks | How To Trade CFD | Andy Yew

See which stocks […]

Big Data and Social: The Key to Sentiment Analysis? – Social Media …

In today’s world where social media plays such a central role for so many people, it’s only natural that companies would want to get in on the action. With big data in the cloud and analytics tools such as Hadoop Hive, it’s easier for companies to use social media to their immediate advantage.There are many different reasons for wanting to […]