Oil and the Price of Corn Flakes

Lately, I’ve blogged a lot about mental health (and the two books I’ve done on that topic), but today I’m going to switch gears. For optimum mental health, I’ve learned I need to have hobbies or interests. One of those interests is getting my 401K (which is technically now an IRA) to grow in the midst of a turbulent market. […]

Market Snapshot: U.S. stocks under pressure as oil relinquishes gains

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — The U.S. stocks were under pressure on Wednesday as crude-oil prices gave up part of the gains racked up over a four-day trading span, while a report on private-sector hiring disappointed.Private employers added 213,000 jobs in January, according Automatic Data Processing Inc. Economists use the number to get a feel for the official jobs report due […]

Stock Market News for December 05, 2014 – December 5, 2014 …

Benchmarks ended slightly lower on Thursday after hitting record highs on the previous day after the European Central Bank failed to provide solid clues about further monetary stimulus. Moreover, investors were also cautious ahead of Friday’s nonfarm employment report. However, encouraging jobless claims report limited some of the losses on Thursday.For a look at the issues currently facing the markets, […]

Instant Big Data Stream Processing = Instant Storm | Java Code Geeks

Instant Big Data Stream Processing = Instant StormbyMaarten EctorsonSeptember 3rd, 2014| Filed in: Enterprise Java Tags: Apache Storm, Big Data Every 6 months at Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, I work on something technical to test our tools first hand and to show others new ideas. This time around I created an Instant Big Data solution, more concretely […]

The Buzz Around Big Data

In this video clip, Marlon Bailey, Lead Software Architect for Hosted Systems at SmartBear Software, explains why the science behind big data isn’t quite as new as everyone makes it seem, and why he doesn’t necessarily buy into the hyperbole that surrounds the buzzword itself.See also:Hearts for Carts: Join the fight against shopping cart abandonment
Have You Been Experienced?
The Four Horsemen of E-commerce
Video Transcript:One […]

Stock Market News for May 01, 2014 – May 1, 2014 –

The Federal Reserve’s upbeat view on the economy’s prospects and their decision to further trim the monthly bond repurchase plan helped benchmarks end higher on Wednesday. The day’s initial decline owing to weak first-quarter economic growth was completely offset by the time markets closed. The Dow closed at a record high and the S&P 500 closed just 7 points […]

Stock Market News for March 06, 2014 – March 6, 2014 –

Benchmarks finished Wednesday’s trading session nearly flat as investors received discouraging economic reports. Modest expansion in economic conditions, greater-than-expected fall in ISM Services Index and dismal private sector hiring were overlooked as an outcome of the bitter winter season. Investors also remained focused on the recent developments in Ukraine.For a look at the issues currently facing the markets, make sure […]

Why Big Data Isn't the Big Problem for Genomic Medicine

Buzzwords, like a virus, spread inexorably from discipline to discipline. Take “big data,” which originated in supercomputing and now has infected finance, logistics, advertising and commerce, intelligence and defense and, most recently, life science and health care. Is there some rule requiring every presentation on genomics to include a slide comparing sequencing costs to Moore’s Law, followed by slides lamenting […]

Commodity recap: US stocks on slide again |

By Ole HansenUS stocks and the dollar are sliding again after a weaker-than-expected Automatic Data Processing (ADP) employment number. This sets the stage for a nervous couple of days, with the European Central Bank (ECB) meeting tomorrow followed by the US jobs report on Friday.Commodities are generally trading higher, with precious metals, led by silver, finding a bid on the […]

“Human Analytics” at the Sentiment Analysis Symposium, March 5-6 …

Understand the business value in “human data” – emotion, intent, connection – in online, social, and enterprise sources via text, speech, video and social-network analytics. Early bird till Jan 31 + KDnuggets discount.By Seth Grimes, Jan 28, 2014.
I wanted to make sure you know about the next Sentiment Analysis Symposium, March 5-6, 2014 in New York. The […]