Stock Exchange restores limited trading rights to Quaestor |

The Budapest Stock Exchange restored limited trading rights in the derivatives section for Quaestor Securities. The brokerage may only close positions, the bourse said. On Tuesday, the BSE suspended Quaestor’s trading rights after the National Bank of Hungary partially suspended the brokerage’s licence. Later in the day, the central bank and financial market watchdog put an oversight commissioner in charge […]

Technical Analysis Strategies for Beginners – Investopedia

Many investors start out buying stocks based on “fundamentals”–including such factors as company quarterly reports, the health of various industry sectors,, etc. Another method to follow is technical analysis. This includes the study of charts, trends and pattern recognition strategies. Over time, most investors will use a combination of fundamental and technical analysis. Why is technical analysis so popular early in the […]

A “Futurehunter” Examines the Dangers of Stock Trading at the …

GREED IS GOOD? Too much reliance on certain technologies in the finance world can be dangerous.
Image: From “Humanity in the Machine: What Comes after Greed? (Volume 1),” by Brian David Johnson. Published by York House Press, Ltd.
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