One good thing has come from the stock market rout – Business Insider

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The stock market has been getting slammed. As of Tuesday’s close, the S&P 500 was down 12.5% from its all-time high of 2,134, which it set on May 20.But there’s some good news for investors with cash to allocate: valuations have gotten a lot more attractive.The price-to-earnings (PE) ratio — the price of the S&P 500 divided by the […]

How low could stocks go? – Business Insider

Hulton Archive/Getty ImagesThe stock-market tumble of the past week has reminded everyone that stock prices also go down.So this seems a good time to remind everyone that stock prices could go down a lot further. In fact, stock prices have to go down a lot further — or, at least, have to stay generally flat for a very long time […]

The contrarian in you has to be intrigued by this trend in the stock

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Veteran stock market strategist Richard Bernstein continues to be bullish on US stocks.While the S&P 500 has more than tripled since its lows in March 2009, investor sentiment shows little sign of mania.”The US bull market is more than six years old, but investors haven’t yet embraced it,” Bernstein writes. “Recent mutual fund flow data continue to show that […]

Preparing for The Stock Market Crash – Inverse ETFs and Puts …

Preparing for The Stock Market Crash – Inverse ETFs and Puts Timing…Stock-Markets / Financial CrashAug 02, 2015 – 09:38 PM GMTBy: Clive_MaundIn this update on the broad market S&P500 index we are going to look at no less than 5 charts for it, covering different time frames, the reason for this is that there are different points to make on […]

Some Long-Term Charts At Key Inflection Points


Some Long-Term Charts At Key Inflection PointsBe aware of these surroundings, friends!by Chris Kimble.It could pay to be “aware of these surroundings!”(1) – Nasdaq Composite Index (COMP) is back at 2000 highs, with little wiggle room at the top of this rising wedge pattern(2) – Google (GOOG) (GOOGL) shot up after earnings two weeks ago hitting a resistance line based […]

2015 has simply not been a fun year in the stock market

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2015 has not been a fun year for stock investors. In 2015, the S&P 500, which opened the year nearly at all-time highs, has made a new all-time high just 10 times. For a point of comparison, at this time last time at this year, the benchmark index had hit 27 fresh all-time records, and when 2014 was said and done, […]

What the Chinese stock market crash teach you – Get Rich Slowly

This article is by staff writer William Cowie.By some accounts, China’s stock market has been in free fall. In less than a month, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index (SSEC) — the Chinese equivalent of America’s S&P 500 stock index — saw a 30 percent drop in value.Media reports have ranged from indifference to breathless comparisons with the great stock […]

3 charts that explain China's stock market fall – Business Insider

The sheer size and importance of China’s equity markets cannot be overstated. Second in size only to the New York Stock Exchange, the combined value of the Asian country’s stock markets is $14 trillion and change. Or at least it was, before they fell 30 percent, wiping away nearly $2 trillion in value. To put this in perspective, the gross […]

President Obama made one of history's greatest stock market calls in…

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Barack Obama is having a pretty good day. On Thursday, the Supreme Court voted in favor to uphold the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.You could argue that he’s having a pretty good presidency overall. On comedian Marc Maron’s podcast on Monday, he listed a bunch of things he accomplished while in office, including “restore people’s 401ks.”A big part of […]

Stock Market Monday Big Drop? :: The Market Oracle :: Financial …

Stock Market Monday Big Drop?Stock-Markets / Stock Markets 2015Jun 21, 2015 – 04:46 PM GMTBy: Brad_Gudgeon It looks as though the US stock market could plunge Monday. We have Saturn Semi-Sq. Pluto while Saturn is in Scorpio and while Jupiter is trine Uranus. On the cycle front we have a Gann cycle low due Monday while we also have a […]