Twitter's Big Data crunching 'BotMaker' muscles in on spam …

If you’re an avid Twitter user, you might have noticed a significant drop in the amount of spam messages and tweets bugging you. That’s because Twitter’s introduced a new anti-spam system called BotMaker that’s helped it to achieve a 40 percent reduction in its key spam metrics.Twitter’s Raghav Jeyaraman describes in a lengthy blog post why fighting Twitter spam is […]

When Big Data Is Watching You | TechCrunch

Is the answer to our feeble human minds needing to grapple with increasing quantities of big data to stand in a purpose built room immersed in complex data visualisations while wearing an array of sensors that track our physiological reactions? A group of European Commission-backed scientists believe so.They’re attempting to quantify — and, they claim, enhance — cognition by building a sensor-based data visualisation system that dynamically changes the complexity level […]

The Buzz Around Big Data – Software Quality Matters Blog

In this video clip, Marlon Bailey, Lead Software Architect for Hosted Systems at SmartBear Software, explains why the science behind big data isn’t quite as new as everyone makes it seem, and why he doesn’t necessarily buy into the hyperbole that surrounds the buzzword itself.See also:Hearts for Carts: Join the fight against shopping cart abandonment
Have You Been Experienced?
The Four Horsemen of E-commerce
Video Transcript:One […]

Even The Record Stock-Market Bullishness Is Fake – Testosterone Pit

It’s part of the daily routine by now: the S&P 500 index rose to another all-time high. We’ve been confronted with this miracle for a long time. The last correction when the index dropped over 10% was, well, if anyone can even remember, in 2011. And it shows.Every single bearish call on the S&P 500 has been punished with a […]

Would you prefer Big Data or Big Useful Data? | InSites Consulting

We all know online marketing is here to stay, to grow and to develop even more in the next years and decades. The good news is that, by now, marketers no longer need to prove in the boardroom why they’re spending so much on online and social media marketing, today is all about how they’re spending the budgets and how it […]

Beating the Stock Market – With DIY Insulation – Mr. Money Mustache

We learned that a Honda Odyssey with all seats including front removed, holds exactly 41 bags of insulation.Well, I’m almost done that house I have been rebuilding since last fall. There was a big push through the electrical and insulation stages, and then I happily handed the place off to Agustin and his crew for drywall*, which is now in […]

MASALA 2014 : Machine-learning Approaches to Sentiment …

Apologies for cross-posting,
Submissions are invited for MASALA (Machine-learning Approaches to Sentiment
Analysis and Learning Algorithms), an ICML14 workshop exploring the new
frontiers of big data computing for opinion mining through machine-learning
techniques and sentiment learning methods. For more information, please visit:
The distillation of knowledge from social media is an extremely difficult task
as the content of today’s Web, while perfectly suitable for human consumption,
remains […]

More headroom for data manipulation, make big data analytics …

A recent Intel survey found that 82 percent of CIOs agree that big data solutions would improve business. Big data analytics is a top priority for businesses that want to tap into the hidden potential of their big data. Now they can. Intel partnered with several ISVs to ensure that data-analytics solutions fully harness the scalability, performance and reliability of the […]

The Key For Hadoop Adoption: Learning How To Make Big Data Small

As the poster child for Big Data, Hadoop has been both a blessing and curse for enterprise big data adoption. Powerful but complex, many enterprises have preferred to wait for something easier to come along before rolling out a big data project.
The wait is over. Hadoop has been progressing at such a torrid pace, with significant ease-of-use enhancements from […]

Big Data News: Splice Machine, Carpathia, Altiscale, DataGravity …

Big Data News: Splice Machine, Carpathia, Altiscale, DataGravity

February 11th, 2014
By: John Rath

Splice Machine raises $15 million to further its transactional real-time SQL-on-Hadoop database for big data applications, Carpathia and Altiscale partner for Hadoop-as-a-Service, and DataGravity is recruiting channel partners for its early-access program to take advantage of its product release later this year.
Splice Machine raises $15 million for big […]