Why the US Shouldn't Panic About China's Stock Market Collapse …

Uncertainty continued to reign across the global stock market Wednesday as investors waited to see whether China could manage to stabilize its economy following its massive plunge on Monday.It was hoped the worst was over after the People’s Bank of China cut its interest rates late on Tuesday and lowered the amount of reserves it demands that banks hold, but […]

Why is China's stock market falling and how might it affect the global …

China’s stock markets have lost all the gains they made in 2015. Photograph: Zhang Yixi/Xinhua Press/Corbis
What has happened in China?China’s stock market has fallen sharply over recent weeks despite measures by officials in Beijing aimed at calming investors’ jitters and shoring up global confidence in the country’s slowing economy.Shares in China had soared 150% in the 12 months to mid-June […]

This chart will tell you when the next stock market … – Business Insider

Are stocks in a bubble?Maybe. Maybe not. But this chart, from the folks at Evercore ISI — which we saw flagged on Twitter by Nick from the economics blog — is pretty simple: The bubble is about to burst when Sotheby’s stock flies higher. Sotheby’s runs high-end auctions, and so the read-through here is that “smart people,” which you could also substitute […]

China stock market hit by biggest one-day fall since 2007 | Business …

An electric board displaying falling stock prices in Hangzhou, in China’s Zhejiang province. Photograph: AP
Chinese shares has tumbled more than 8% after an unprecedented state rescue effort to prop up valuations abruptly stopped, raising doubts about the viability of Beijing’s plan to stave off a deeper crash.Major indexes had their largest one-day drop since 2007, shattering three weeks of relative […]

Why The Stock Market is Too Risky Right Now – Altucher Confidential

People have called me a “perma-bull” forever. Mish Shedlock called me a “wacko”. Zerohedge has called me insane. Nouriel Roubini has laughed in my face. My daughters still quote Don Luskin when he was on CNBC shaking his head and saying, “James, James, James…” while laughing after I said the market was going to hit new highs.
Well, the market has […]

China's stock market turbulence is over? Don't count on it | Business …

One investor shows the strain in a stock exchange hall in Nantong, Jiangsu province, during the recent week of turbulence. Photograph: ChinaFotoPress/Getty
The numbers are mind-boggling. Ten days of falls on the Shanghai stock exchange resulted in losses that exceeded the GDP of Mexico. And 12 million Chinese citizens who opened share-trading accounts in May were nursing potentially ruinous losses. Margin […]

China Real Estate Investment NYC | Chinese Stock Market

How China’s stock chaos could affect New York real estateSizing up the dominoes connecting Shanghai to the Big AppleJuly 10, 2015 06:00PMBy Konrad PutzierThis week’s headline-grabbing turmoil in China’s stock markets left New York’s real estate industry wondering how it could impact the market here. According to those who follow China closely, there are two […]

China's Stock Markets Are Collapsing, and the Freak-Out Could Get …

Chinese authorities are scrambling to assuage the fears of panicking investors who have seen their stock holdings plummet in recent weeks, with the country’s markets losing about a third of their value in the last month.Shanghai’s composite index fell nearly 6 percent on Wednesday alone. Shortly after opening, markets across China fell so quickly that trading in more than half […]

Stock market intervention: China now, Hong Kong then | Gavyn Davies

Gavyn Davies is a macroeconomist who is now chairman of Fulcrum Asset Management and co-founder of Prisma Capital Partners. He was the head of the global economics department at Goldman Sachs from 1987-2001, and was chairman of the BBC from 2001-2004.He has also served as an economic policy adviser in No 10 Downing Street, an external adviser to the British […]

Kinahan: China's Plunge And Greece's Gap…Will Stock Market …

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