The pattern continues for U.S. equities

June 9th was the last comment here on the U.S. equity market. At the time, CNBC was obsessing over the “summer swoon”, pundits seeking attention and just guessing piled on, and the market was leaking slowly every day. That continued for a few weeks and on June 30 the Fidelity S&P Index fund that is used here was allocated more […]

Fidelity's New Stock-Trading App Makes A Bad … – Business Insider

FidelityProceed with caution.
Fidelity’s mobile app has a new feature called Stocks Nearby. It gives users a list of public companies they can trade in, based on whether those companies have locations nearby. 
Josh Barro has the full rundown over at the New York Times.But here’s the bottom line: This makes a bad idea worse.Fidelity is home to the Magellan Fund, once […]

TRADING WEEKS: Should you trade stocks on your iPhone?

More investors are buying and selling shares with their smartphones More investors are selling stocks the same way they take selfies: With their smartphones. But just because you can trade shares of AAPL on your iPhone doesn’t mean you should, experts say. […]

Is there a “Secret Recipe” for Successful Stock Trading? | Stock Brain

“Secret Recipe” for Successful Stock Trading?Throughout the course of multiple studies one common trend has become glaringly apparent when searching for an indication for the potential for future performance of stocks….. hold your breath…. Valuation.  Simply put, over the course of time in an investment, cheaper stocks are tending to deliver better returns to the investor than the expensive ones.  Seems […]