June 25 Market Close: GovCon Index Down, US Stocks Stutter on Biotech Losses

June 25 Market Close: GovCon Index Down, US Stocks Stutter on Biotech LossesRoss Wilkers June 25, 2015 Financial Report, News 0 ViewsThe GovCon Index closed in negative territory for the third consecutive day Thursday with a loss of 0.264 points to end at 76.030.Losses in the transportation and biotechnology sector sent U.S. stocks slightly down Thursday and many investors attributed […]

One Nobel Prize-winning economist's calculations say the stock …

One Nobel Prize-winning economist’s calculations say the stock market is dangerously overvalued, and various Wall Street pundits disagree, but all that really matters is how soon gutter alarmist media like us can convince America’s least informed moron investors to panic. Then the fun starts.Bubble Watch: Joe Average Is Ready to Play the Market Bubble Watch: Joe Average Is Ready to […]

Creating the Bond Bubble – Role of the Stock Market | Armstrong …

All over the place they are touting that the stock market will crash and burn. Indeed, when you say there is a coming crash, everyone immediately assumes that means the stock market. It appears that the bulk of those who claim to be analysts are all proclaiming the coming stock market crash. This is typical since no one in the […]

There's big bucks in Big Data, but will we be left poorer for it …

There’s big bucks in Big Data, but will we be left poorer for it? Mike Wheatley | August 13thREAD MOREWe see stories about how Big Data’s potential to change the world almost every day, especially where big business is concerned. But few people discussed the negatives it could have, such as its potential to disrupt the academic world in a […]

Is Stock Market at Greater Risk Than in 2000? | RealClearMarkets

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August 6, 2014The 10 Cheapest & Most Expensive S&P 500 StocksJoshua Brown

August 6, 2014What This Death Cross Says about Market WeaknessJeff Cox, CNBC

Multiple theories have been put for for the recent stock market weakness, none of them particularly satisfying. more »

August 5, 2014Do Not Buy This Dip: The Fed Ain’t Your FriendDavid Stockman, SA

During the last […]

Jason Haver: S&P 500 And Russell 2000 Updates, Plus Yellen …

On Tuesday, Janet Yellen gave testimony before Congress.  She does this twice a year, just after the conclusion of her semiannual “Run for the Presses” charity marathon.  In her speech, Fed chair Yellen stated that, despite the recent strong job reports, she won’t conclude that the economy has recovered until the following metrics are met:
1.  Wages must rise.2.  Discouraged workers […]

Canadian GP F1 technical analysis: What went wrong for Mercedes …

Canadian GP F1 technical analysis: What went wrong for MercedesBy Craig Scarborough
Sunday, June 8th 2014, 22:35 GMT
Mercedes was denied a sixth consecutive Formula 1 one-two finish by the failure of the kinetic energy recovery system (ERS-K) on both of its cars in the Canadian Grand Prix.Halfway through the race, both Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg reported a loss of power. […]

TRADING WEEKS: Should you trade stocks on your iPhone?

More investors are buying and selling shares with their smartphones More investors are selling stocks the same way they take selfies: With their smartphones. But just because you can trade shares of AAPL on your iPhone doesn’t mean you should, experts say. […]

Why big data means job growth for non-data professionals …

Big data is everywhere, being generated by people using transactional tools, social media and collaboration tools, as well as pouring in from applications, log files and machines. Recognizing its potential to analyze and predict trends, enterprises want at this data. The problem is, there just aren’t enough skilled professionals adept at transforming this data into business insights — and we’re […]