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Inovio Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:INO)On August 10, 2015 shares of Inovio were up about 25% after the company announced a partnership deal with a big pharmaceutical company known as AstraZeneca (NYSE:AZN)Although one key thing to note here is that this deal is being established with MedImmune specifically, but it is the research and development arm for AstraZeneca. With this deal established AstraZeneca […]

Biotech Stocks Buzz: Radius Health Inc (NASDAQ:RDUS), Agenus …

If there is such a thing as a poster child for volatility in the stock market, the biotech sector would likely take top honors.Biotech stocks are unique. While stocks in other sectors are typically valued based on their past performance and future earnings potential, the majority of biotech stocks don’t have a cent in recurring revenue. Instead, biotech stocks are […]

Remember When… the US Deficit Was “Only” $82.7 Billion?

Welcome to the Daily Reckoning’s “Remember When” series. Each day we turn back the clock and take a look at our musings from five and ten years ago to the day.Not only will you be shocked at just how quickly time passes (yes, 2005 was a decade ago), but you can see what we predicted correctly, what we missed the […]

Here's The Latest Biotech Breakout

View gallery.Until the markets pullback a bit, investors and traders will ride this gravy train as long as it goes. Thanks to the market run-up a lot of stocks already seem somewhat extended. However, there are some stocks that are a little late to the party and are just now breaking higher.For example, Celldex Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLDX) just recently broke […]

Explanation Of 'Big Data' In 8 Words – Business Insider

Fascinated by Big Data? Join us as we explore the future of media as it intersects with technology and changes everything from how we consume information to how we market, invest, socialize, work, live, and play at IGNITION: Future Of Digital. Reserve your seat now »Business Insider/Julie BortPivotal CEO Paul Maritz
A little over a year ago, EMC and its […]

Artificial Intelligence will be Crashing the Stock Market in 3, 2, 1…

A few weeks ago, Stephen Hawking opened the world’s eyes to the dangers of Artificial Intelligence (AI), warning that it has the potential of outsmarting humans in the financial markets. But few people realize that we are already in imminent danger of this happening.The stock market is a system for assigning value to companies through the buying and selling of […]

The Cure for Health Care Is in Big Data, Not the Beltway | Re/code

The ups and downs of Obamacare — from its passage to its rollout and now implementation — have consumed Washington, D.C., and American politics.But for those who run companies — and provide health insurance to more than half of all Americans — not much has fundamentally changed. Health care is still a business disease: U.S. enterprises spend more than $620 […]

Herding in the stock market may inspire human-guided trading …

( —Humans have a strong tendency to belong to a group, an instinct that often manifests in herding behavior. Not limited to humans, herding exists throughout nature, for example in ant colonies, schools of fish, and flocks of birds. But what about the stock market?


Big data – media buzzword or breakthrough-in-waiting? – Cancer …

What is ‘big data’?Data is everywhere. It affects what you eat and how you drive; it powers our towns and shapes our economy. And one day it may help keep you alive.And as computers have got more powerful and sophisticated, we can now combine huge amounts of data together to generate even deeper insights about the world around us.Welcome to […]

Visual Business Intelligence – Big Mouths on Big Data

Yesterday, I read an article on the website of Scientific American titled “Saving Big Data from Big Mouths” by Cesar A. Hidalgo. As you know if you read this blog regularly, I have grave concerns about the hyperbolic claims of Big Data and believe that it is little more than a marketing campaign to sell expensive technology products and services. […]