Broad and Novartis Keep Up with Big Data – Bio-IT World

By Matt Luchette May 15, 2014 | In the era of big data, drug developers are pushing for data
analysis to keep up with increased data acquisition. At this April’s Bio-IT
World Conference & Expo, Andrea DeSouza, from the Broad Institute, and Anne
Mai Wassermann, from Novartis, spoke on new technologies they hope will squeeze
meaning from researchers’ mounds of data.At the Broad […]

Costin Leau on Elasticsearch, BigData and Hadoop – InfoQ

Elasticsearch is an open source, distributed real-time search and analytics engine for the cloud. It’s built on Apache Lucene search engine library and provides full text search capabilities, multi-language support, a query language, support for geolocation, context aware did-you-mean suggestions, autocomplete and search snippets.Elasticsearch supports RESTful API using JSON over HTTP for all of its operations, whether it’s search, analytics […]