Stock Market News for May 08, 2015 – May 8, 2015 – Zacks.com

Benchmarks snapped a two-day losing streak on Thursday following easing in bond yields and gains in technology stocks. Meanwhile, a less-than-expected rise in initial claims numbers on Thursday has set the tone for crucial total non-farm payroll data scheduled for release today. Investors are looking forward to the nonfarm payroll report to gauge the timing of the rate hike.For a […]

Instant Big Data Stream Processing = Instant Storm | Java Code Geeks

Instant Big Data Stream Processing = Instant StormbyMaarten EctorsonSeptember 3rd, 2014| Filed in: Enterprise Java Tags: Apache Storm, Big Data Every 6 months at Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, I work on something technical to test our tools first hand and to show others new ideas. This time around I created an Instant Big Data solution, more concretely […]

Big Data Benchmarks: Toward Real-Life Use Cases | Cloudera …

The Transaction Processing Council (TPC), working with Cloudera, recently announced the new TPCx-HS benchmark, a good first step toward providing a Big Data benchmark.In this interview by Roberto Zicari with Francois Raab, the original author of the TPC-C Benchmark, and Yanpei Chen, a Performance Engineer at Cloudera, the interviewees share their thoughts on the next step for benchmarks that reflect real-world use cases.This […]

Intel's contribution to solving Parkinson's: big data | VentureBeat …

Chip giant Intel has found a way to demonstrate the value of big data analytics in the big health care industry. It’s partnering with Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research and working on a study that will pull patterns from data coming from patients’ wearable devices.The collaboration, which Intel announced at an event this morning, will give Intel an opportunity […]

Big Data: Making an Impact at the Post Office – SmartData Collective

It’s not new news that the USPS is going through an immensely difficult transitional period at this point in time. Stamp prices are continually on the rise, Saturday delivery was on the verge of being canceled, and office closures and layoffs are occurring around the country. Much of the difficulties come from an increasingly competitive marketplace that’s cutting into the […]

Businesses and the Big Data Skills Shortage | Data Center Knowledge

RICK DELGADORick Delgado is an enterprise tech commentator and writer.Although Big Data is no longer a foreign concept to businesses they still face significant challenges when implementing it into their organizations. And the problem doesn’t stem from understanding its importance. Rather, it lies in finding the right people for the job.Addressing the shortageThere are many reasons the Big Data skills […]

Big Data Deals: Accenture Teams Up With Hortonworks, Capgemini …

Competition for big data services is heating up as solution provider powerhouses Accenture and Capgemini made simultaneous moves Tuesday, each unveiling a partnership with a prominent enterprise big data management platform provider.Accenture, No. 3 on CRN’s 2014 Solution Provider 500 list, said it had entered into an alliance with Hortonworks, a distributor of the open-source Apache Hadoop data platform. Capgemini, […]

Databricks Snags $33M In Series B And Debuts Cloud Platform For …

Databricks, the commercial entity created by the developers of the open source Apache Spark project, announced $33M in Series B funding today and the launch of a new cloud product, their first one as a company.There is little doubt that big data is a big deal these days and companies are popping up to help customers process the data. Databricks […]

CRN 25 Big Data Infrastructure Companies – KDnuggets

We examine the top 25 Big Data Infrastructure companies, part of CRN Big Data 100, which includes Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft.
By Grant Marshall, June 2014.The CRN 25 Big Data Infrastructure companies includes notable companies who provide the tools for other companies to handle and analyze big data.One interesting observation about the companies in this list compared to the […]

Industry Analyst Insight on How Big Data is Bigger Than Data …

Gartner’s Svetlana Sicular posted her thoughts on 5+ Big Data Companies to Watch on June 17, 2014. In it, Pivotal is listed as one of those Big Data companies to watch. With an important caveat.We feel this falls in line with our vision that there is a much bigger picture than just big data, and big data’s future depends on ingraining it […]