Biotech Stocks to bet on: Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc (NASDAQ …

Investors have been flocking to biotech stocks this year, with the IBB, the ETF that tracks biotech stocks, making noteworthy gains. So far in 2015, several industries have either underperformed or provided mixed results, leading to a rather ho-hum showpiece for U.S. blue-chip indices.Biotech stocks, on the other hand, have consistently returned positive results in the markets over the past […]

China's stock market dream could bring about its … – Business Insider

ReutersChina’s ruling Communist Party has made it clear that it has a mortal enemy: social unrest.Separately, it has also made it clear that the Chinese people should be heavily invested in the stock market.And so, dutifully, the Chinese people have done just that, spurring the longest bull market in the country’s history — the glorious 100% rally of the Shanghai […]

Guest Post: Who needs big data? –

By Matthew Napleton, marketing director of ZizoThe promise is timely access to essential business insight; the reality is a massive dent in the CFO’s budget. So why are organisations still investing in big data projects?For any CFO concerned about throwing good money after bad on big data deployments that are simply failing to deliver the information the business needs, there […]

Privacy, Anonymity, and Big Data in the Social Sciences – EdTech …

You can have anonymous data or you can have open science, but you can’t have both. That’s the conclusion that several colleagues and I reach in an article now online at Queue and forthcoming in Communications of the Association of Computing Machinery. The short version: many people have called for making science more open and transparent by sharing data and posting data openly. […]

Visual control of big data | MIT News Office

In the age of big data, visualization tools are vital. With a single glance at a graphic display, a human being can recognize patterns that a computer might fail to find even after hours of analysis.But what if there are aberrations in the patterns? Or what if there’s just a suggestion of a visual pattern that’s not distinct enough to […]

Will the worlds of Hadoop and Big Data combine or collide …

Will the worlds of Hadoop and Big Data combine or collide? | #HPBigData2014 Valentina Craft | August 12thREAD MOREIs there going to be a war on database formats, and will the worlds of Hadoop and Big Data combine or collide in the enterprise?  These questions were raised just before Janath Manohararaj took the stage at SiliconANGLE’s roving news desk theCUBE, as […]

Ontario police's Big Data assigns secret guilt to people looking for …

SHARESTUMBLEThere are no effective legal limits on when and to whom police can disclose unproven charges against you, 911 calls involving mental health incidents, and similar sensitive and prejudicial information; people have been denied employment, been turned back at the US border and suffered many other harms because Ontario cops send this stuff far and wide. Included in the information […]

Couchbase Adds $60 Million As Big Data Demands Loom …

As the need for new computing infrastructure tools accelerates, thanks to the demands of distributed computing and the proliferation of mobile devices, startups focused on new data management and data processing technologies are raising big rounds to propel the next generation of computing.Couchbase, which has raised $60 million in new financing from new investors WestSummit and Accel Growth Fund, is […]

CRN 25 Big Data Infrastructure Companies – KDnuggets

We examine the top 25 Big Data Infrastructure companies, part of CRN Big Data 100, which includes Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft.
By Grant Marshall, June 2014.The CRN 25 Big Data Infrastructure companies includes notable companies who provide the tools for other companies to handle and analyze big data.One interesting observation about the companies in this list compared to the […]

The Promise [sic] of Big Data | emptywheel

22 pages into the White House report on Big Data, this paragraph appears:Government keeps the peace. It makes sure our food is safe to eat. It keeps our air and  water clean. The laws and regulations it promulgates order economic and political life. Big data technology stands to improve nearly all the services the public sector delivers.It presents several claims […]