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Recently,piumini moncler outlet, Han Xue in the third year near the entrance of the tense situation, two years ago on a charity gala, called showbiz music event!there is no legal procedures. however, but most lsquo; winners rsquo; fee. and […]

US stock market turns lower in afternoon trading – Charlotte Observer

NEW YORK Concerns over weaker global growth appeared to overshadow strong reports about the U.S. economy Tuesday, nudging the stock market to a tiny loss.Crude prices sank 3 percent, pulling down stocks of oil producers. Small-companies, which have fewer ties to the world economy, made gains. Meanwhile, the dollar reached a one-year high […]

A simple proposal to kill high frequency trading in the stock market …

from Trond AndresenDue to technological possiblities, success in stock market trading has increasingly become dependent on being at the front of a rat race in software, computing capacity and fast optical cable connections. While the firms whose stock is traded obviously do not change their prospects over time horizons shorter than days or even months, to win in the stock […]

Oslo Stock Exchange avoided earlier OL lull

Officials at the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE) announced on Friday that even though trading almost came to a halt during the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer 20 years ago, it was as lively as ever during the recent Olympic action in Sochi, Russia. The lack of an “OL lull,” they think, reflects the larger numbers of non-Nowegian investors now active on […]

Guide to Twitter for Finance – Curating and Filtering Data, Trading …

From a trader’s point of view, there is one commodity that is worth infinitesimally more than any other. And it’s not cutting-edge technology, advanced technical analysis, or profound macroeconomic insight – although these are undoubtedly hugely valuable – it’s information.Not just any information – after all, the world is filled with more information than even the most powerful computers could hope […]