Chovanec: China Destroyed Its Stock Market | naked capitalism

Yves here. We’ve stressed that, generally speaking, stock market crashes aren’t anywhere near as serious as bank runs or credit market seizures because stock market bubbles are generally the product of a serious excess of animal spirits, as opposed to leveraged speculation. That in turn is the result of most modern stock exchanges drawing on the US stock market as […]

Technology Behind Bitcoin Could Totally Replace the Stock Market …

Technology Behind Bitcoin Could Totally Replace the Stock Market Joshua KrauseThe Daily SheepleJuly 6th, 201586 views

Bitcoins may not be the best investment these days, but no matter where you stand on their future potential, you have to admit that the technology behind Bitcoin is pretty impressive. With the exception of gold and silver, never before in history has a currency […]

China's Stock Market Bubble is off the Charts | The Daily Sheeple

China’s Stock Market Bubble is off the Charts Joshua KrauseThe Daily SheepleJune 10th, 2015123 views

For the most part, the precipitous rise of the New York Stock Exchange in recent years, has garnered more attention than any other stock exchange in the world. After reaching the highest levels seen since the Dot-com crash, it’s obvious that the Dow Jones and NASDAQ […]

Why JMP Securities Is Watching (And Loving) These 3 Biotech Stocks

In a report published Tuesday, JMP Securities named three biotech stocks it is watching: Acceleron Pharma Inc (NASDAQ: XLRN), Cardiovascular Systems Inc (NASDAQ: CSII) and Karyopharm Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: KPTI).Acceleron’s (Market Outperform, $52 price target) early stage clinical results at ASCO Genitourinary(GU) 2015 “support a positive outlook for maturing PFS results while providing encouragement for ongoing later stage development.”According to analyst Michael […]

Why Is Positive Sentiment About Obamacare Increasing? | Twitter …

SharePinterestFacebookEmailFollowing last week’s revelations concerning President Obama’s broken promises about the benefits of Obamacare, the president’s poll numbers have fallen dramatically.But has the president seen the same blowback on social media? Using the analytics tool Crimson Hexagon, we tracked the sentiment surrounding Obamacare over the last week.Of the 8,869 relevant social media posts, support for the president’s healthcare law has […]