Hong Kong’s Stocks: Now Cheaper Than Pakistan’s

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Islamabad or bust: HK stocks can now be bought more cheaply than Pakistan’s.

Having a powerful economy in your orbit, Big Brother style, has its benefits and drawbacks. For the longest time, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE) has benefited from riding China’s slipstream: Late last year, mainland China overtook Japan […]

Smartphones dial up Chinese stock trading | Asia Times

The number of Chinese people who access the Internet via their smartphones is soaring and many of them are using those phones to trade stock.
About 56.28 million Chinese stock or fund investors who used the Internet to trade during the first half of 2015, a 47.4% increase from the end of 2014, according to a report published by the China […]

Stock market nosedives by 904 points during intra-day trading – The …

Contempt of court: ATC issues warrants for 2 policemenThe office­rs failed to appear in court despit­e repeat­ed notice­s.Our CorrespondentTwo policemen shot dead in GilgitInitia­l invest­igatio­n reveal­s they were target­ed over person­al motive­sShabbir MirSolid matter: A better way to manage your wasteSindh Solid Waste Manage­ment Progra­mme aims to make Karach­i cleane­r, greene­rOur CorrespondentFurther interrogation: ATC extends remand of Zahra Shahid murder […]

Stock market down by over 200 points – The Express Tribune

Stock market down by over 200 pointsThe index was at 28630.12 points after a decrea­se of 0.77% during the dayWeb DeskDictating terms: IMF links next loan tranche with 4% power tariff hikeFourth round of negoti­ations to contin­ue now via video confer­ence.Shahbaz RanaLuring investment: Sindh CM stresses on homeworkCM says many foreig­n firms (Chines­e, Turkis­h, Japane­se, Malays­ian) have expres­sed keen intere­st […]

2014 Israel – Gaza Conflict: Twitter Sentiment Analysis by …

Digital War [Publisher’s Note: This article arrived yesterday August 5, 2014, but is being published on August 6, 2014]Today at 8AM a cease fire has been declared in operation Protective Edge. The public discussion over the operation, however, will stay with us for a long time. Public opinion is one of the key influence factors on countries and people behavior. […]

Social media is not a substitute for on-ground market sentiment …

Years ago, when I was working on a MNC account, the MD of the Indian operations (a Canadian) asked why his ads (for an FMCG brand) were not shown on sports channels during telecast of golf tournaments. When I told him that the numbers didn’t warrant it, he said, ‘but all my friends watch golf’. That’s the trouble with hanging […]