Hong Kong’s Stocks: Now Cheaper Than Pakistan’s

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Islamabad or bust: HK stocks can now be bought more cheaply than Pakistan’s.

Having a powerful economy in your orbit, Big Brother style, has its benefits and drawbacks. For the longest time, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE) has benefited from riding China’s slipstream: Late last year, mainland China overtook Japan […]

Big, scary stock market sell-offs happen all the … – Business Insider

The markets have been getting rocked this week.Stocks in the US were lower for a fourth day on Friday following Thursday’s brutal sell-off. The Dow was down as much as 291 points Friday with all 30 Dow stocks lower.  The S&P 500 briefly dropped below 2,000 for the first time since February (all of it sectors were in the red).Friday’s intra-day low of 1,993 […]

The Daily, Part 1 of 3, 7-11-15

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7/11/2015 Investment House Report
* * * *MARKET ALERTS:Targets hit: None issuedBuy alerts: JACKTrailing stops: None issuedStop alerts: None issuedThe market alert service is a premium level service where we issue intraday alerts relating to the general market conditions, when stocks hit action points (buy, stop, target, etc.), and when we see other information impacting the market or […]

Here's just how insanely huge China's stock market bailout is

A record $13 billion (£8.4 billion) went into Chinese equity funds in the last week, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch, as China’s government scrambles to put a floor under tanking stocks.A BAML Global Research note sent to clients Thursday shows $25 billion (£16 billion) went into stocks globally last week, the biggest inflow since December 2014. More than half of the worldwide total was […]

The New York Stock Exchange just explained … – Business Insider

WikimediaA software release caused the glitch.A software release caused the blackout at the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday.According to an update on the NYSE’s website on Thursday, the exchange started rolling out a software release ahead of a scheduled industry test on Saturday.It noted that gateways for customers were updated with the right software at the market open on […]

China's stock market bounces back, after govt steps in to stop huge …

China’s stock market bounces back, after govt steps in to stop huge slidePublished time: July 09, 2015 02:25Edited time: July 09, 2015 12:06Get short URLReuters / Tyrone SiuTagsEconomy, Investment, MarketsChinese stock indexes rebounded Thursday. The Shanghai Composite added about 6 percent after the securities regulator made a bold move and stopped shareholders with more than a five percent stake in […]

"The Fed Has Wreaked Havoc" Ron Paul Warns Markets' "Day Of …

“I am utterly amazed at how the Federal Reserve can play havoc with the market,” Ron Paul exclaimed on CNBC’s “Futures Now” referring to Thursday’s surge in stocks, warnings that he sees it as “being very unstable.” As Paul rages, “the fallacy of economic planning” has created such a “horrendous bubble” in the bond market that it’s only a matter […]

Healthcare Highlights From Thursday 5/14 Game Plan

Healthcare Highlights From Thursday 5/14 Game PlanEach week at ChartSmarter we like to bring to a little insight into what we do on a daily basis. We have been at it for 5 years and we love doing it. Each night we detail 7 to 8 of our favorite ideas, both long and short, for the next days session. We […]

The Market Is Slow, So Play It Slow

This has been a weird June.  The SPX is up like 5 handles.  The Dow is flat to up maybe one percent.  If it wasn’t for biotech, where would the Nasdaq be? Really.The best way to deal with any issues in trading is simple…listen to what the market is telling you.  The choppier the day to day action has been, […]

The amount of trading going on in China's stock … – Business Insider

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The eye-popping volatility and explosive nature of China’s stock market lately has the world’s traders watching in awe.Business Insider’s David Scutt noted that China’s Shanghai Composite index crashed a breath-taking 11% in the past two days before recovering some of its losses.Still, the index is up 43% since the beginning of the year and up 134% from a year […]