Biotech stock bubble set for massive implosion: Stocks rose 88 …

(NaturalNews) If you’re trying to understand today’s stock market and are having some degree of difficulty, you’re not alone.The markets are confusing enough sometimes for experts, so they can be particularly baffling for laypersons. Still, a few economic basics ought to be pretty simple to understand, right?Wrong – apparently.About a year ago, as documented by the Zero Hedge website, Federal […]

PRESENTING: The 10 most important stock market themes

Myles Udland

Jun. 1, 2015, 7:00 PM
jmcangel / flickrWhen you’re reading a book on the beach this summer, don’t forget to keep an eye on these 10 big market themes.Summer is almost here, and for investors June marks the final month of the second quarter: we are almost halfway done with 2015. Right now the big questions surrounding markets are how the […]

Stock market nosedives by 904 points during intra-day trading – The …

Contempt of court: ATC issues warrants for 2 policemenThe office­rs failed to appear in court despit­e repeat­ed notice­s.Our CorrespondentTwo policemen shot dead in GilgitInitia­l invest­igatio­n reveal­s they were target­ed over person­al motive­sShabbir MirSolid matter: A better way to manage your wasteSindh Solid Waste Manage­ment Progra­mme aims to make Karach­i cleane­r, greene­rOur CorrespondentFurther interrogation: ATC extends remand of Zahra Shahid murder […]

Five More Biotech Stocks for 2015 – Stocks to Watch –

By Ben LevisohnRBC’s Michael Yee and team explain why Celgene (CELG), Biogen Idec (BIIB), Vertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX), BioMarin Pharmaceutical (BMRN) and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (REGN) are their top biotech stocks for 2015:
Bloomberg News

Top-five longs: Celgene, Biogen Idec, BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals: 1) Celgene we predict “settlement” with Actavis (ACT) could happen after spring when expert discovery ends and before Court begins mid-15; plus investors should start giving […]

Bitcoin Technical Analysis –

Bitcoin Technical AnalysisBy Forexminute – Yes Option | Bitcoin | Aug 4, 2014 8:34AM BSTAfter an early morning fall BTC/USD finally got some respite in today’s trading session as it recovered from Intraday low of $578.21. The cryptocurrency has strong support at $577.66 whereas resistance can be found at $605.86. BTC/USD is currently consolidating in a very narrow trading range […]

Worlds Most Volatile Stock Markets – Business Insider

Bespoke Investment GroupWe’ve been talking a lot about volatility in the market. Or more specifically, the lack of volatility in markets.
The S&P 500 hasn’t moved more than 1% up or down during any session this month, and the Dow has only gained or loss 100 points three times. U.S. investors, and particularly folks on Wall Street, may want more volatility, […]

The Argentine Stock Market Is Doing A 180 – Business Insider

The Argentine stock market, the Merval, is going green after the news that the country will negotiate with a group of hedge fund managers over $1.7 billion worth of debt dating back to 2001. It’s up 1.14$% and climbing.Yahoo FinanceEarlier this week when the Supreme Court announced that it would not hear the case between Argentina and a group of […]

Argentine Stock Market Getting Pummeled – Business Insider

REUTERS/Michael DalderThe Supreme Court will not hear Argentina’s case against hedge fund creditors, and Argentina’s stock market is getting killed on the news.The Supreme Court’s decision is a major blow to Argentina, as it will now be forced to default on its debts or negotiate with creditors, which include Paul Singer’s Elliott Management.It all stems from the country’s default early […]

Big Data's Biggest Challenge: Convincing People Not to Trust Their …

Here’s a simple rule for the second machine age we’re in now: as the amount of data goes up, the importance of human judgment should go down.The previous statement reads like heresy, doesn’t it? Management education today is largely about educating for judgment—developing future leaders’ pattern-matching abilities, usually via exposure to a lot of case studies and other examples, so […]