Market Recap Top Down

The market staged another strong recovery this week as the SP500 regained its 20 WMA after briefly dipping below the last couple weeks. How quickly this market responds is a testament to why sticking to the long-term trends and keeping an open mind are so beneficial for proper money management. During this most recent “meltdown” (where the SP500 declined only […]

Bonds Bid, Stocks Skid, & Crude Crushed As Yellen Pleads & Greece Bleeds

China loses momentum in its manipulation overnight… US industrial production data was dismal… Yellen admits The Fed needs to raise rates sooner or may be forced to raise rates more aggressively… and stocks did not drop until TV images showed blood on the streets of Athens… This just seemed appropriate…“hearts on fire” indeed – can the small undersize reality of […]

Higher Highs Speak To Bullish Conviction | Stock Market Blog …

Stocks Peak in 2000The chart below shows the 2000 peaking process in the NASDAQ. The index made a lower high, a lower low, and then dropped below the 50-day moving average shown in blue.Stocks Peak In 2007The chart below shows the 2007 peaking process in the NASDAQ. The index made a lower high, a lower low, and then dropped below […]

Bonds And Bullion Beat Stocks As Fed Frenzy Fades

Do not worry, “it’s contained.” From The FOMC Statement, Gold is 1st, Bonds 2nd, and Stocks 3rd…
WEAK CLOSE; Trannies remain the big squeeze post-FOMC winner but Dow is the laggard…
On the week, however, Trannies lagged and ended the week red (down 4 of the last 5 weeks) as Small Caps (dominated by Biotech ‘no brainers’) led the pop…
Biotechs were up […]

3 Best-of-Breed Small Caps: Biotech Stocks to Buy | InvestorPlace

View All3 Best-of-Breed Small Caps: Biotech Stocks to BuyNo one can deny the performance of biotech and biopharma stocks over the last six months as they have outperformed the entire market. The sector has done so well that it has brought back that dreaded word that everyone has feared in this sector since 2000: “bubble.”Source: ©, it’s shortsighted to look at […]