New Tools Help Neuroscientists Analyze Big Data

In an age of “big data,” a single computer cannot always find the solution a user wants. Computational tasks must instead be distributed across a cluster of computers that analyze a massive data set together. It’s how Facebook and Google mine your web history to present you with targeted ads, and how Amazon and Netflix recommend your next favorite book […]

Big data makes research more difficult say data scientists – BetaNews

Given the amount of hype surrounding it you could be forgiven for thinking that big data is the answer to most business and scientific problems.But a new survey by database specialists Paradigm4 reveals that almost three-quarters of data scientists believe that big data has made their research harder. The reason for this is not, as you might expect, the volume […]

Databricks ropes in Alteryx to push Spark adoption for big data …

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]]>Databricks thinks the open-source Spark engine is the next big thing for big data processing — so it has teamed up with analytics firm Alteryx to supercharge the software.The two data startups intend to drive Spark into the hands of more data analysts through a formal partnership, Databricks and Alteryx have revealed to VentureBeat. They will become the primary committers to Apache Spark, the […]

Consumable Big Data : Cloudera repackages + adds Spark support …

Cloudera this week delivered on its October promise to provide a centralized enterprise analytics platform with a major portfolio overhaul that introduces three new offerings and support for the fast-growing Apache Spark project. Hailed as the next big thing in Big Data by SiliconANGLE founding CEO John Furrier, the framework executes queries up to 100 times faster than MapReduce and […]