Swiss Stock Market Collapses Instantaneously On 5th Anniversary …

It’s deja vu all over again…who are ‘they’ going to blame for this one?The “event” halted the entire Swiss Market for 3 minutes. And this was followed by an outage in Stoxx exchange data delivery this morning.Source: @NanexLLCAverage:5Your rating: None Average: 5 (4 votes)

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Swiss Stock Market Collapses Instantaneously On 5th Anniversary …

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The report, seen by the Financial Times, identifies $29.1tn in market investments, including gold, held by 400 public sector institutions in 162 countries.
China’s State Administration of Foreign Exchange has become “the world’s largest public sector holder of equities”, according to officials quoted by Omfif. “In a new development, it appears that PBoC itself has been directly buying minority equity […]

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For weeks, months, and even years now, 330RAMP CAPITAL (the ironic phrase used to indicate the oh-so-visible hand of ‘someone’ that decides te last 30 minutes of the US trading day is the perfect liquidity time to slam VIX lower and panic-buy stocks). However, as Gavekal notes, recently we have seen an increasing number of weak-ish stock market closes.Via Gavekal,We’ve […]