Why The Stock Market Is Still Cheap | Seeking Alpha

People think U.S. stocks are expensive…Yes, they have gone up a lot… But according to our favorite measure of stock market value, stocks are NOT expensive.It’s a simple indicator, but it encompasses the important stuff. And right now, it’s telling us you could make double-digit profits in stocks over the next 12 months…When our in-house stock market value indicator is […]

Warning: Weak Stock Market Closes Are On the Rise | Zero Hedge

For weeks, months, and even years now, 330RAMP CAPITAL (the ironic phrase used to indicate the oh-so-visible hand of ‘someone’ that decides te last 30 minutes of the US trading day is the perfect liquidity time to slam VIX lower and panic-buy stocks). However, as Gavekal notes, recently we have seen an increasing number of weak-ish stock market closes.Via Gavekal,We’ve […]

NMC/USD Technical Analysis – 14th April 2014 – Digital Currency …

Namecoin is in the midst of a sine wave formation, starting late last week, with a relatively long wavelength, albeit a smaller frequency. Let’s take a look at the NMC/USD hourly chart below (click to expand): I’ve performed the Fibonacci study from the year low at 1.342, until the current high at 1.953. We can see how […]

Warren Buffett Stock Market Value – Business Insider

I have recently noted that I am concerned about the level of stock prices these days.The main reason for this concern is that every predictive valuation measure (emphasis on predictive) I look at suggests that stocks are drastically overvalued.As many smart analysts have pointed out, valuation is useless as a near-term market-timing tool: It tells you nothing about what stocks […]

5 Must-Know Indicators – Technical Analysis For Beginners –

Using Technical Analysis IndicatorsTechnical analysis is a method of examining past market data to help forecast future price movements. Using different tools, indicators, and charts, traders can spot important price patterns and market trends, and then use that data to anticipate a market’s future performance.Technical analysis is based around a market’s price history, rather than the fundamental data like […]