The New York Stock Exchange goes down: inside the dystopian …

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I wake up from my whiskey stupor to the scent of burning motherboards, and I know that something is wrong. Out the window in New York’s Financial District, two men in torn bespoke suits roast a body over an oil drum. It looks like Thomas Friedman’s, but I […]

UALR Lab Translates Big Data Into Dollars | Arkansas Business …

A reporter is zooming around downtown Little Rock, zipping past the soon-to-be-renamed Metropolitan Tower and down Spring Street toward the Arkansas River. As she prepares to swoop over the Old State House, her legs start to buckle and nausea strikes.Her tour guide lets up on the controls, slowing the visitor’s wingless flight and letting her regain her balance.For a novice […]

The Stock Market: Now With 100% More Lasers, Strictly for …

If you needed any more evidence that the pace of the stock exchange is blinding, traders on the cutting edge of technology are now making use of military communications lasers to transmit data, because fiber optics and microwaves are just too darn slow. Just nobody tell them light is faster in a vacuum, OK? I like having air to breathe.The laser […]

Five predictions for financial markets in 2014 | Anatole Kaletsky

Happy New Year! For the first time since 2008, we investors, economists and businesspeople say these words without irony. While last year was statistically disappointing, with global growth slowing slightly from 2012 and apparently belying the optimism expressed here last January, the verdict of financial markets and business sentiment has been much more consistent with my predictions. Despite the apparent […]

How the NASDAQ Stock Exchange Works – HowStuffWorks

 If you’ve ever listened to the financial reports on the news or personally traded stocks, you know that there are places called stock exchanges. For example, you’ve probably heard of the NASDAQ stock exchange, also known simply as the NASDAQ, which stands for National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations System. It’s the place where people go to buy and […]