Top 200 Stocks by momentum

Stocks with momentum is where the money is flowing in the market. Ultimately momentum tells you what is working in the market . It is not style dependent , sometime growth stocks can have momentum , sometime value stocks can have momentum , sometime junk stocks have momentum.On a daily basis I publish the list of 50 stocks by momentum. […]

LTC/USD Technical Analysis – 9th May 2014 – Digital Currency …

Litecoin adheres to both the technicals on the four hour and the daily timeframe, as I discussed yesterday. It was a bit of a juggling act, but this is why it’s important to ignore different timeframes. During yesterday’s technical analysis on LTC/USD, I posted the following chart: Where I mentioned, “Conversely, we have some potentially bullish technicals […]

PPC/USD Technical Analysis – 3rd April 2014 – Digital Currency …

After yesterday’s slump, Peercoin appears to have settled, with some consolidation taking place over the past eighteen hours, but we could see further bullish retests of a certain Fib level later today. Let’s take a closer look at the PPC/USD hourly chart below (click to expand): I’ve performed the Fibonacci study from the high of the month (on […]

Gold Prices Forecast March 26, 2014, Technical Analysis – FX Empire

Get Forex buy/sell signals directly to your email and by SMS. To learn more click hereGold markets tried to rally during the session on Tuesday, but found enough resistance at the $1320 level to turn things back around and form a shooting star. We had suggested yesterday that the breaking of that level to the downside by the market was […]

Getty Images Gives Free Access to 35 Million of Their Stock Images

Global leader in stock imagery Getty Images recently announced that 35 million photos will now be available for free. In the past, visiting Getty’s website for an image promised to cost the user upwards of $75 for a small image. For growing companies, bloggers and publishers on a tight budget, this left two options: spend the money or steal the […]

EUR/USD Forecast January 2, 2014, Technical Analysis … – FX Empire

Get Forex buy/sell signals directly to your email and by SMS. To learn more click hereThe EUR/USD pair did very little during the session on Tuesday, essentially pulling back from the 1.38 level. That being said, we think there are serious amounts of support below, so therefore were looking for supportive candles in order to start buying again. Ultimately, we […]

Redefining OTT with big data analytics — Tech News and Analysis

Over the top (OTT) has been the monster in the closet of the telecommunications industry for the past couple of years, and conventional wisdom would say there are two approaches that operators can take to such a threat: Beat them or join them. Initially responses were more defensive in trying to block OTT, though over time responses have shifted more […]

Are You Ready For Online Stock Trading?

Many people dream about investing in stocks and making a lot of money, but how many actually do it? Let’s face it, there is risk involved with online stock trading, which means you should only proceed if you feel ready.Below are some of our best tips for online stock trading:Understand what you are tradingThere are many different ways to trade […]

Why big data means job growth for non-data professionals …

Big data is everywhere, being generated by people using transactional tools, social media and collaboration tools, as well as pouring in from applications, log files and machines. Recognizing its potential to analyze and predict trends, enterprises want at this data. The problem is, there just aren’t enough skilled professionals adept at transforming this data into business insights — and we’re […]