Expert Sees Repeat of Horrors He Predicted: "Next Great Stock …

This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his Economic Collapse blog.Editor’s Comment: The alarm bells of a looming crash have again and again sounded, with a constant stream of reports that show Americans at large have been screwed over again and again, while the same maniacal banksters who took us over the cliff last time up […]

Chinese investors feel 'trapped in the stock market' – Business Insider

REUTERS/China DailyInvestors look at computer screens showing stock information at a brokerage house in Wuhan, Hubei province, China, July 3, 2015.See AlsoChina’s small investors are looking for a way out of stocksChina shares slip again as Beijing scrambles to calm marketsUS funds aren’t bailing on China yet despite a free-fall in stocksMrs Zhu is just the type of investor the […]

Greece awaiting ECB consent to reopen stock market – Business …

Thomson ReutersA European Union flag flutters outside the Athens stock exchangeATHENS (Reuters) – Greece is waiting for the green light from the European Central Bank on plans it has submitted to reopen the Athens stock market after a month-long shutdown, two regulatory sources said on Tuesday.The exchange could reopen as early as Wednesday depending on the ECB’s opinion, the sources […]

New York Stock Exchange Suspends Trading, Cites Technical …

All trading has halted on the New York Stock Exchange, and the NYSE would like everyone to know that it’s the result of an internal technical screwup and not a cyberattack.The NYSE stopped trading all securities around 11:32 am, without much explanation about what went down. Since no one exchange handles more than 16% of trading, this isn’t a catastrophe […]

China's stock market is crashing, and the Chinese … – Business Insider

AP ImagesFour members of the House of Morgan stand on a balcony outside the Senate Banking Committee room just before the committee resumed its investigation into the banking institution’s practices, May 31, 1933, in Washington.While attention is focused on Greece, China is having a serious market meltdown.After exploding earlier in the year because of deregulation, China’s benchmark Shanghai Composite has […]

The Stock Market Index of Evil – The Daily Reckoning Australia

Today, we’re introducing our new Index of Evil…But first a quick look at what our proprietary stock market indicator is telling us about future returns.Our lead researcher, Stephen Jones, developed it for us. Stephen is a former stock market analyst at Value Line and the president of financial planning firm String Advisors.The question today: when past stock market conditions have […]

Israel – For Charedi Men, Stock Trading Strikes A Good Balance

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FILE – Ultra orthodox Jews of the “Toldot Aharon” community attend and learn at a computer and Internet lecture in Ramat Gan. Photo by Yossi Zeliger/FLASH90Ramat Gan, Israel – Every afternoon, after Aharon Rayner completes his daily Torah studies, he gets in his car, drives to Ramat Gan, logs onto a computer and starts […]

Salem stock scammer gets 5 years in prison, gives up $700,000 and …

A Salem man who made more than $1.7 million through a series of “pump-and-dump” stock-trading scams was sentenced Friday to five years in prison.Alexander Hawatmeh, 25, admitted that he manipulated the share prices of four penny stocks, then sold off his holdings for enormous returns. Federal prosecutors said that in one March 2014 case, Hawatmeh made $1.27 million through the […]

I Agree that Yellen Really Does not need to talk about Stock Valuations

I have to agree with this article.
At a recent International Monetary Fund event in Washington, D.C., Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen opined about the “potential dangers” posed by “quite high” stock market valuations. This was not her first market prognostication. In July 2014 she singled out biotech and social-media stocks as having “substantially stretched” valuations. Such comments are ill considered […]

How Much Money Did the Fed Dump into the Stock Market? | The …

How Much Money Did the Fed Dump into the Stock Market? Joshua KrauseThe Daily SheepleMay 30th, 2015815 views

Ever since the housing crash of 2008 and the stock market crash that followed, there has been an undeniable trend in our economy. As soon as the Fed began its quantitative easing program, the stock market started to recover. The more cash they […]