Stock Market 7 Year Crash Cycle – What's So Special about the …

Stock Market 7 Year Crash Cycle – What’s So Special about the Number “7”?Stock-Markets / Financial CrashAug 14, 2015 – 01:45 PM GMTBy: Peter_DegraafEverything in life moves in cycles. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, all add up to become part of a cycle. Some cycles, such as the beating of the heart move fast, while a millennium moves very slow. This […]

Market makes it Four Straight Days of Gains

Despite poor retail sales stocks bounced higher for the fourth straight session. Energy and Biotech stocks led the overall market today. Energy seems to be finding support at early 2015 lows. Biotech continues its run despite fundamentalists crying foul over earnings multiples. Transportation stocks lagged the market along with utilities. Bonds rallied a bit today as they continue to remain […]

Big Pharma Revealed As Puppetmaster Behind TPP Secrecy

It is no secret that US healthcare corporations have been among, if not the biggest beneficiaries of Obamacare: by “socializing” costs and spreading the reimbursement pool over the entire population in the form of a tax, pharmaceutical companies have been able to boost medical product and service costs to unprecedented levels with the help of complicit insurance companies who have […]

How Much Money Did the Fed Dump into the Stock Market? | The …

How Much Money Did the Fed Dump into the Stock Market? Joshua KrauseThe Daily SheepleMay 30th, 2015815 views

Ever since the housing crash of 2008 and the stock market crash that followed, there has been an undeniable trend in our economy. As soon as the Fed began its quantitative easing program, the stock market started to recover. The more cash they […]

Huckabee says ignoring stock market is key to GOP presidential win …

Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee tells Republicans on Friday the way to get votes in 2016 is get people to focus on whether their own personal economy has recovered. (Capitol Media Services photo by Howard Fischer)Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee told Republican party faithful Friday the key to winning the White House is getting people to ignore a booming stock market and […]

Does The Stock Market Matter? | Zero Hedge

Today marks the five year anniversary of the Flash Crash, the day in 2010 when the US stock market fell drastically in a matter of minutes then recovered most of the losses.Unlike sharp declines in the past, the Flash Crash happened for apparently no reason. Since then the government has launched multiple inquiries into what happened and recently charged a […]

Charts like this are heart-breaking for stock market bears

Sam Ro

Feb. 16, 2015, 2:37 PM

FactSetSee AlsoThe state of global business conditions in one quoteWhy Americans aren’t spending all the money they’re saving on gasHere’s your complete preview of this week’s big economic eventsIf you thought Wall Street’s forecasts for earnings were too bullish, then congratulations. You were right.Earnings and expectations for earnings growth are arguably the most important drivers […]

Why The Fed Can't, And Won't, Let The Stock Market Crash | Zero …

When it comes to the stock market, while the biggest, and according to many only, beneficiary of the Fed’s ZIRP/QE policies of the past 6 years has been the wealthiest 1%, the reality is that said top crust of US society no longer needs the S&P to continue its relentless, manipulated and centrally-planned levitation.Between a third Hamptons residence, a 5th […]

Burgeoning Global Capital Flows Mean Traditional Stock Market …

SummaryGlobal capital flows are growing.
So much so that the net of these flows are often greater than a country’s international trade balance.
The implications of these growing capital flows for investors are discussed in the article.
©Elliott R. Morss, Ph.D. All Rights ReservedIntroductionThe law of supply and demand ultimately determines the prices of goods/services. And this holds for stock markets “prices” and […]

STTG Market Recap August 1, 2014 – Stock Trading To Go

It was the worst week for the S&P 500 in 2 years (-2.7%) which speaks more to how smooth things have been on that index than anything too horrible with this week’s performance.   The NASDAQ had a weak period this spring but if you recall the S&P 500 and Dow Jones had not been hit very hard at all as […]