who is in the Know?

who is in the Know?

Who is in the Know

Edward w Pritchard

It is humbling to contemplate how many folks have come before us and how few of them have left a mark that they were here.

Author writes he is fascinated by unknown cave dweller who took time out to draw an outline of His or Her hand.

Have we evolved past that statement?

Author has been thinking upon the existence of intelligent design. Specifically rereading St Thomas Aquinas who author dismissed as a student. A fool has said in his heart that there is no God but is there any reason or purpose to Reality? Is This, what we do, Real?

Intelligent design is related to the question of What is Real presently in my philosophy. Free from pain hunger and want I contemplate.

Who is in the Know? What is Real?

I wake up routinely at 4AM and quickly check what money is doing around the World. I check the Yahoo finance boards for catastrophic movements in Stocks or Bonds first then Yahoo News for World changing events. Such things happen seldom.

Brief candle is our lives [ 1].

Today one small biotech stock I follow Inovio- INO continues a week long drop downward in price, despite a strong stock market. I search company press releases, cash flow statements as reported on yahoo finance [ which are outdated] and in desperation Yahoo message boards for insight and explanation. Despite great potential in Exvaporation, a process to treat cancers, INO has temporarily lost its mojo. Who knows what or why?

What is Real?

Old dull St Thomas Aquinas sent his mind across Space and Time to Find some kind of Truth in a first mover, a cause of This. Perhaps his senses were limited and his reason outdated. Still he ask the question. What caused This?

Old St Thomas walked about Europe thinking until his will collapsed. Had he lived a little longer he would have collided with his inquisitors but instead he became Sainted. The Beacon to billions of Catholic souls.

Who is in the Know? What is Real.

[1] out, out brief candle] attributed to Shakespeare

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who is in the Know?

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