This biotech stock is a bargain: Strategist – CNBC.com

This biotech stock is a bargain
Options expert Stacey Gilbert explains why Celgene is trading at a discount to its peers.
Investors have been flocking to biotech stocks this year, with the IBB, the ETF that tracks biotech stocks, up nearly 16 percent. But with high returns come high valuations, except in one name, according to a strategist who closely watches the […]

who is in the Know?

Who is in the KnowfictionEdward w PritchardIt is humbling to contemplate how many folks have come before us and how few of them have left a mark that they were here.Author writes he is fascinated by unknown cave dweller who took time out to draw an outline of His or Her hand.Have we evolved past that statement?Author has been thinking […]

Healthcare Stocks Pause, Is Biotech Boom Over? – Barron's

“Out with the old and in with the new” also applies to the stock market, although the market doesn’t always precisely follow the calendar.Healthcare stocks, which have been superior performers since 2011, lost their mojo this year, and last week they officially suffered a breakdown relative to the market. But as one season turns into the next, new sectors are […]

Why I'm Not Selling Stocks – Business Insider

Robert Shiller, Business InsiderYesterday, I mentioned again that I am increasingly concerned about the level of stock prices. Specifically, I said that, even if stock prices continue to go higher from here, which they might, I think that they’ll eventually crash back down below today’s levels — possibly far below. Even if stocks don’t eventually crash, but just move sideways, I […]

Political Calculations: Is Technical Analysis Completely Worthless?

The general consensus among most people who seriously study markets is that technical analysis is mostly garbage. After all, how can a investing method that completely disregards a company’s fundamental business prospects in favor of tracking its stock price over time possibly ever get anything right except by chance? In fact, the most wide-ranging study conducted to date of technical […]