Stock market correction: is this a new global financial crisis …

The Tokyo stock market fell due to worries about China. Photograph: Kimimasa Mayama/EPA
Sell in May and go away, don’t come back until St Leger Day. So goes the old stock market adage and rarely has the first part of that advice been more apposite than this year. The FTSE 100 index peaked on 27 April, just before the general election, […]

Saudi stock market opens to foreigners – Business Insider

© AFP/File Fayez NureldineSaudi Arabia’s stock market will allow foreign investors to trade shares for the first time Monday, further opening up the conservative Islamic kingdom to the global economyRiyadh (AFP) – Saudi Arabia’s stock market will allow foreign investors to trade shares for the first time Monday, further opening up the conservative Islamic kingdom to the global economy.But analysts […]

The post-Tory election stock market bounce is over – Business Insider

Oscar Williams-Grut

May 12, 2015, 3:57 AM
Matt Cardy/Getty ImagesThe party is over for tradersThe FTSE 100 opened over 1% lower this morning as the jubilation over a Tory victory wears off in the City.The FTSE 100 and 250 both jumped on Friday on news of a surprise Tory majority in the UK elections.But Britain’s index is over 110 points lower this […]

What Moves the Stock Market? – Washington Wire – WSJ

Robert Litan

Dow Jones Industrial Average over 2014.
The Wall Street Journal
With the stock market’s unexpected boom toward the end of 2014, what better way to ring in the new year than to reexamine that age-old question: What drives stock returns? Is it earnings’ growth fundamentals or short-term momentum swings in investor behavior?
The answer matters because most forecasters expect the economy to […]

Richard Reeves: Catching Up With Big Data – Truthdig

ShutterstockThis is a column about “Big Data” and a new way to predict the results of presidential elections for the next 20 years.We begin with the rise of Nate Silver, the former baseball statistician retained by The New York Times, and his blog, “FiveThirtyEight,” which accurately predicted the results of the 2008 vote in 49 of the 50 states. He […]

Morning technical analysis – 28 May 2014 | Alpari Newsroom | Live …

Morning technical analysis – 28 May 2014May 28, 2014 by Craig Erlam in Technical analysisEURUSDThe euro is continuing to look weak against the dollar in the medium term having recently broken below the neckline of the double top. However, before we see any further sell-off, we may see a bit of a correction in the pair, with the neckline potentially […]

US economy growing at 3.2% a year, fourth quarter figures show …

to Greece where the country’s leading economic think tank, IOBE, has
not ruled out national output contracting for a seventh
straight year in 2014. Helena Smith in Athens writes:Releasing its quarterly review earlier today, IOBE was unequivocal: in 2014 the recession-hit Greek economy would finally bottom out, it said, but in sharp contrast to official forecasts it could not […]

Our Outlook for the Stock Market – Morningstar

Not a Time to Time the MarketAmerican business will do fine over time. And stocks will do well just as certainly, since their fate is tied to business performance. Periodic setbacks will occur, yes, but investors and managers are in a game that is heavily stacked in their favor. (The Dow Jones Industrials advanced from 66 to 11,497 in the […]

3 Ways To Trade Biotechnology Stocks [Gilead Sciences, Inc …

As I wrote in a previous piece, biotechnology has been among the top performing sectors in the last twelve months. But how should investors trade the sectors from these levels?It depends on the risk tolerance of each investor. Conservative investors should stay with the larger well-established companies like Amgen (AMGN), Gilead Science (GILD), and Biogen (BIIB) with a portfolio of […]