ETF Investing: This 6-year-old bull market’s big winners: biotech, pharma and value stocks

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — The current bull market is marking its sixth birthday, and a few slices of the stock market have more reason to celebrate than others.Who really deserves to whoop it up? Biotech and pharma ETFs, value ETFs that aim to find bargains, and ETFs targeting consumer-discretionary or retail stocks.The 10 ETFs that have performed best since the […]

NASDAQ Stock Index Hits 5000 for the First Time Since the Dotcom Bubble 15 Years Ago

The reflexive reaction from anyone who was there for the dotcom bubble is ‘Uh-oh.’And while anyone who says that this time its different should probably be offered some perfectly good swampland in Florida or a slightly used bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn, the reality is that a lot of new wealth has been created. Approximately $1 trillion in new market […]