Meet the man building a stock exchange that doesn't screw people …

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Welcome to our new series — How did you get that job? — where we’ll run interviews with interesting people about their work and how they came to be doing it.When Brad Katsuyama came to the US in 2002 to run the trading desk for the Royal Bank of Canada, he thought he understood the game. If […]

NASDAQ Stock Index Hits 5000 for the First Time Since the Dotcom Bubble 15 Years Ago

The reflexive reaction from anyone who was there for the dotcom bubble is ‘Uh-oh.’And while anyone who says that this time its different should probably be offered some perfectly good swampland in Florida or a slightly used bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn, the reality is that a lot of new wealth has been created. Approximately $1 trillion in new market […]

Son allegedly killed Manhattan hedge fund founder over $200 allowance cut, source says

The son of a millionaire Manhattan hedge fund founder who allegedly gunned down his dad over his allowance has been arraigned on a second-degree murder charge, authorities said.Thomas Gilbert Jr., 30, was also charged with criminal possession of a weapon and criminal possession of forgery devices in the Sunday killing of his 70-year-old father.New York City police said Thomas Gilbert […]

Wall St. inches up in short session, indexes at records

Wall St. inches up in short session, indexes at recordsBy Ryan VlastelicaNEW YORK Wed Dec 24, 2014 11:41am EST

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The exterior of the New York Stock Exchange is pictured with a Christmas tree in front of it in the Manhattan Borough of New York, December 23, 2014. U.S. stocks advanced on Tuesday, as the Dow climbed above the 18,000 mark […]

No, that high school kid didn't make $72 million trading stocks

You may have seen the amazing story today about the high school kid who made $72 million trading stocks. There were plenty of red flags in the original New York Magazine article. But now CNBC is reporting that the $72 million figure is totally bogus.Mohammed Islam, a 17-year-old high school kid in New York, was profiled as a Wall Street […]

High School Student Is Worth $72 MILLION After Trading Stock …

Mohammed “Mo” Islam, 17, is a high student at New York’s prestigious Stuyvesant High School.He’s also a multimillionaire and not even legally an adult.He’s apparently a real life teen Wolf of Wall Street… that just gave us a great idea for a crossover film about a young, stock trading werewolf…Anyway, Mo allegedly has made around $72 million trading stocks in […]

US high school wiz makes $72mn on stock market — RT Business

US high school wiz makes $72mn on stock marketPublished time: December 15, 2014 12:13Get short URLMohammed Islam (Photo from Islam, a 17-year old school student from New York’s Stuyvesant High School, has made a $72 million fortune trading stocks in lunch breaks. The young investor hopes to become a billionaire next year.The son of Bengali immigrants from Queens, Islam […]

High School Student Makes $72 Million Playing Stock Market …

NEW YORK, New York – A 17-year-old student at Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan decided to use his lunch break to play the stock market — and he’s good at it.New York Magazine reported Mohammed Islam has made tens of millions of dollars playing the stock market. The teen has a rumored net-worth of $72 million, according to the New York […]

Manhattan Resource Banker run away – Singapore Stocks | How To …

One of our fan from our fanpage was asking regarding this stock. Manhattan Resources down another 14% today, from our system, it already show that the banker has run away since 9 June. Our system show blue candle change to red candle as the Exit signal, if you have followed our system your money would be safe after exiting the […]