Fund Managers’ Current Asset Allocation – August

Summary: Overall, fund managers’ asset allocations in August provide conflicting views on sentiment.On the one hand, fund managers’ cash remains at the highest levels since the 2011 and 2012 equity lows and the panic in 2008-09. This is normally contrarian bullish.However, allocations to equities rose over the past two months and are above the mean. Cash levels are high because […]

The Rich Are Losing Faith In The Stock Market | Zero Hedge

Inconceivable? Consumer Comfort among the highest income earners in America has totally and utterly collapsed. Despite record-er highs in the US equity market and promises from every talking head that Q1 was a blip, those earning $100k or over have seen their ‘comfort’ crash to the lowest since September…Summing up the next FOMC meeting…Average:5Your rating: None Average: 5 (1 vote)

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Fund Managers’ Current Asset Allocation – March

Every month, we review the latest BAML survey of global fund managers. Among the various ways of measuring investor sentiment, this is one of the better ones as the results reflect how managers are allocated in various asset classes. These managers oversee a combined $600b in assets.The data should be viewed mostly from a contrarian perspective; that is, when equities […]

Top 4 NASDAQ Stocks In The Education & Training Services …

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Top 4 Mid-Cap Stocks In The Residential Construction Industry With The Highest ROE

Stocks To Watch For August 11, 2014

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Top 4 NASDAQ Stocks In The Education & Training Services …

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RealClearMarkets – These Stock Market 'Records' Aren't That Great

The stock market is hitting new records almost daily (it happened again on Friday), but the reality isn’t as rosy as it seems.When people talk about how the “stock market” is doing, they often look at the S&P 500 index. It’s currently at 1,923, the highest level it has ever been.There’s just one problem: That record level is in “nominal” […]

Is The Stock Market's Smoothest Ride Priced Like A Cadillac …

By David L. Allison, CFA, CIPMHere’s a sure-fire way to get gouged: Walk onto a car lot, ask a salesperson to point out the vehicle with the smoothest ride, then purchase that vehicle regardless of price.It sounds reckless, but this is not far from the logic individual investors are using when shopping for the smoothest ride in the stock market.You […]