Five things you should know before you start your work day

1. The commodity rout continues to pull down global stocksAsian stock markets dropped for the fourth day, Bloomberg reports.China’s stocks tumbled, with its benchmark index falling the most since February 2007 on concerns the Chinese government won’t be able to continue propping up the market. The Shanghai Composite Index plunged 8.5 per cent to 3,725.56 at the close, as 75 […]

Stock market 1987 similarity with China's stock market today …

UBSGross domestic product never went negative in 1987 — even with crazy stock-market drop.The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged a shocking 508 points — or about 22.6% — back on October 19, 1987.But as scary as that drop was, US economic growth was resilient, and gross-domestic-product growth never went negative.If you’re thinking about the 1987 crash in the context of […]

An annotated chart of China's stock market boom … – Business Insider

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The boom and crash of the Chinese stock market has been one of the biggest stories in finance this year.The Shanghai Composite exploded 155% from its 52-week low to its 52-week high 5,178 in June. From there it crashed 32% to 3,507 on Wednesday.It’s trajectory, is peppered with manic milestones and unprecedented government intervention. The latter helped the market […]

Fracking Yields Another Miracle

Hail ShaleFracking Yields Another MiracleTransforming America’s energy fortunes overnight wasn’t enough for fracking—now it seems set to feed the world’s fish. A California biotech company is looking to take advantage of fracking-wrought methane to breed a special kind of bacterium that could be used as a cheaper feedstock for fish. The Economist reports:
[Dr. Alan Shaw, head of the biotechnology firm Calysta] proposes to take advantage […]

Zatlin: Why Am I Still In The Stock Market? – Intel Corporation …

This article was originally published on Moneyball Economics, home of the world’s most unique economic commentary.I’m putting my money where my mouth is. My 401K is entirely in equity market funds and stocks, and will stay there as long as I see the right signals from the economy and bond market. But make no mistake; I am getting ready to […]

Ignore These Risks to Gilead at Your Peril

Gilead Sciences (NASDAQ: GILD) has enjoyed remarkable success in the past year thanks to the launch of two instant billion-dollar blockbuster hepatitis C therapies, however, even best-in-breed biotech stocks like Gilead Sciences still face risks that could leave investors in the lurch. Read on to learn which three risks concern me most, and how they could impact Gilead Sciences down […]

Technology Indices and Creative Destruction – When Might the Bubble Burst?

Technology Indices and Creative Destruction – When Might the Bubble Burst?Publically traded technology stocks trade on modest multiples compared to 2000
Private sector overinvestment may, however, be cause for concern
European technology companies have outperformed US this year – it may not last
Technology and growth stocks remain highly correlated to the major indices
I adhere to the belief that technology and other such […]

The Safest Biotech Bet on the Market

Source: “11g poker chips” by Logan Ingalls from South Boston, MA, USA. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia CommonsGive up now if you’re looking for a totally safe biotech stock. They don’t exist.But if you’re looking for a biotech stock that is relatively safe compared to most others, that’s a different story. And there’s one biotech that is arguably the […]

Bubble Bursting? 3 Top Stock Biotech Stocks to Buy

Source: Celgene Corp.Biotech companies have been among the market’s best-performing stocks, and that means many of the industry’s top stocks have soared to lofty levels that might have kept investors on the sidelines. Since sliding markets are likely to take biotech stocks lower, investors could soon have their first chance in a long time to buy into some great companies […]

The State of The Markets – FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and FOHB (Fear of Holding the Bag)…

Share on StockTwitsEmbedThe US markets are all back at all-time highs.I am happy because it feels really good and even right. In a market like this I remain underinvested but am being dragged into positions by the positive price action.Here’s what I see:Apple is being rewarded from profits and execution (I have been selling a bit lately).Google is ‘chopped suey’ […]