Follow the money: Can Twitter predict the stock market? — RT USA

Follow the money: Can Twitter predict the stock market?Published time: July 09, 2015 21:37Get short URLReuters / Dado RuvicTagsInvestment, Markets, Social networks, USAA new industry is arising where companies use computer algorithms to automatically read and interpret social media messages to try and predict where the stock market is heading.Predicting the stock market is a multi-billion ‒ or perhaps trillion-dollar […]

One chart sums up the frenzy in China's stock market

Mike Bird

May 1, 2015, 2:37 AM
China’s stock market has exploded over the last year — over the last 16 months, in fact, the Shanghai Composite Index has more than doubled.Activity has been particularly frenetic in the first few months of this year, and stocks are up by 37% since January 1. That’s driven by an absolutely enormous wave of new […]

Sell in May – Stock Market Seasonal Trading Myth Busters :: The …

Sell in May – Stock Market Seasonal Trading Myth BustersStock-Markets / Seasonal TrendsJun 14, 2014 – 04:49 PM GMTBy: Investment_U

Whatever happened to the old seasonality adage “Sell in May, go away”? That’s what some seasonal investors do, with the idea that the summer months tend to be weak for the stock market. But from May 1 to […]

Robot pods and 'sentiment mapping': the future of commuting | UK …

A robot transport pod in Abu Dhabi. Similar vehicles are coming to Milton Keynes next year. Photograph: Bloomberg via Getty ImagesFuming in a traffic jam? Stuck on a stationary train outside the station? Standing waiting for the bus that was due to arrive 30 minutes ago? Soon you could get the chance to share your frustration – with the help […]

Modelling: Big Data & Society – UCL CoMPLEX Annual Conference …

The UCL CoMPLEX Annual Conference continued the theme of Big Data, which has figured quite prominently in conferences this year. The speakers at this year’s CoMPLEX annual conference, Dr David Weston (Birkbeck), Dr Drew Purves (Microsoft Research), Professor Gesine Reinert (Oxford), Dr Peter White (Imperial, Public Health England), Professor Michael Stumpf (Imperial) and Professor Chris Gilligan (Cambridge, newly announced Chair of […]

How Not to Be Scared by the Stock Market :: The Market Oracle …

How Not to Be Scared by the Stock MarketStock-Markets / Stock Markets 2014May 29, 2014 – 04:33 PM GMTBy: Investment_U

Marc Lichtenfeld writes: I sat there in stunned silence. We were having dinner with our friends, when the husband told us he doesn’t invest. “I don’t trust the markets,” he said. He keeps all of his savings in […]

Stanford's big data conference: How 1s and 0s are advancing …

Saul BrombergerBioinformatics expert Atul Butte leads a panel discussion on the diverse sources of data at the Big Data in Biomedicine Conference on the Stanford campus.Massive, ongoing advances in computational processing power and interconnectedness are already changing the way medical research is done. But even more-disruptive outcomes — including changes in the very practice of medicine at the day-to-day clinical […]

The Smart Money Is Preparing for a Stock Market Correction :: The …

The Smart Money Is Preparing for a Stock Market CorrectionStock-Markets / Stock Markets 2014May 21, 2014 – 10:29 PM GMTBy: Investment_U

Marc Lichtenfeld writes: If you want a great stock to invest in, you should buy Crystal Ball Inc. (NYSE: BS) because it appears that in the past few weeks everyone on Wall Street is using one and […]

U.S. Bond Market Warning to Stock Market Traders :: The Market …

U.S. Bond Market Warning to Stock Market TradersStock-Markets / Stock Markets 2014May 18, 2014 – 03:59 PM GMTBy: Investment_U

Christopher Rowe writes: The 10-year Treasury note just fell to a seven-month low and is a hair away from an 11-month low. This week’s chart compares the S&P 500 to the Treasury rate for a 10-year period. The chart […]