The Insiders' Case For A Stock Market Mini-Crash | Zero Hedge

Submitted by Charles Hugh-Smith of OfTwoMinds blog,The trade only works if everyone is lulled into staying on the long side until it’s too late.Let’s try a thought experiment: suppose we’re players in the stock market, Wall Street insiders with real leverage and connections to the Fed. You know, the kind of player who can reverse a decline in the S&P […]

Capitaland – Singapore Stocks | How To Trade CFD | Andy Yew

Capitaland currently in a symmertrical triangle chart pattern, it has been sideway for 2 month, will it break the 3.27 resistance, if it does, that can be a sign of uptrend continuation. Our system short the first blue arrow today.Join us in our Upcoming seminar to find out more on <<How to Identify Big Player>> in the stock!Dates:17 July […]

Big Data Meets Fantasy Football | Jason Grill – Huffington Post

Fantasy football is right around the corner. The summer months will pass and before you know it people from across the country will be joining friends to draft their 2014 teams. The Fantasy Sports Trade Association estimates that nearly 32 million Americans play the game, spending close to 11 billion dollars. Needless to say this is a growing industry with […]

Technical Analysis of CVE-2014-0515 Adobe Flash Player Exploit

At the end of April, Kaspersky reported an ITW exploit that was abusing an Adobe Flash Player zero-day vulnerability at the time (CVE-2014-0515). The vulnerability was known to be inside the Pixel Bender parser in Adobe Flash Player. I had time to look deeper into how the vulnerability works and how control of the code is acquired using this vulnerability.Figure […]

Audio Interview – How To Trade Parabolic Moves, MXWL Maxwell …

Audio Interview – How To Trade Parabolic Moves, MXWL Maxwell Technologies, Gold, SMH Semiconductor Indexby Olivier on March 20, 2014Mike Swanson who runs was so kind as to interview me again. He asked me about my thoughts on Parabolic moves, Gold, the next sector with the potential to move higher, SMH – Semiconductor Index ETF, and to describe the entry […]