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Bharat RanjanGoldman Sachs’ chief equity strategist David Kostin doesn’t think stocks are going anywhere for the rest of the year. In a note to clients over the weekend, Kostin and his team outlined 4 main reasons why the S&P 500 probably won’t do much of anything for the rest of the year and finish at 2,100. On Monday morning, futures were indicating […]

Goldman’s Rx For Volatile Biotech Stocks

By Steve SearsGoldman Sachs is telling clients to hedge the bio-technology sector in anticipation of a sharp decline. Early Monday, the bank told clients to buy SPDR S&P Biotech ETF (XBI) December $230 puts. During the pre-market, the ETF was priced at $255, and the put was at $15.50.
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“These puts are about 10% out-of-the-money and cost about […]

Market makes it Four Straight Days of Gains

Despite poor retail sales stocks bounced higher for the fourth straight session. Energy and Biotech stocks led the overall market today. Energy seems to be finding support at early 2015 lows. Biotech continues its run despite fundamentalists crying foul over earnings multiples. Transportation stocks lagged the market along with utilities. Bonds rallied a bit today as they continue to remain […]

Stock trading closed on NYSE after glitch caused major outage – as …

Outside, I take in the scene: street preachers denouncing Gnosticism, a lone banker trying to garrote himself with ticket tape, and the Bull – that gold, beautiful bull – running through the streets like Zeus. I chase after it for a quote, but, like the dubious financial transactions powered by super-compressors, it is too quick.Smoke. Weeping. Screams.I hire now-former JP […]

Here's one way to sniff out a bubble within the stock market

It’s hard to spot an asset price bubble, especially if you’re in the midst of one. Usually, people find out they’re in a bubble only after it bursts.Goldman Sachs’ David Kostin offers this interesting stock market chart in a new note to clients. It’s a favorite of his.It shows the sector composition of the S&P 500 by market cap since […]

Sign Of A Stock Market Bubble? – ETF Daily News

Tara Clarke: Are U.S. markets soaring to new highs for the right reasons, or are we in a stock market bubble?What Is a Stock Market Bubble?A stock market bubble occurs when investors drive stock prices above their true market value.Have you ever wondered how billionaires continue to get RICHER, while the rest of the world is struggling?“I study billionaires for a living. To be […]

Are We in a Stock Market Bubble? – Money Morning

Are U.S. markets soaring to new highs for the right reasons, or are we in a stock market bubble?Two indices just hit record highs: The Nasdaq Composite reached 5,107 on May 27, and the S&P 500 climbed to 2,130.82 on May 21.But Nobel Laureate and Yale professor of economics Robert Shiller told Goldman Sachs on May 29 that while he […]

Goldman Sachs stock market moves – Business Insider

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Feb. 17, 2015, 8:41 PM

Flickr / Marcello Maria PeronginiGoldman Sachs’ Chris Mischaikow is out with a review of the last six months of big moves in equity, currency, and bond markets.And over the last six months, the biggest driver of moves in the stock market has been, well, nothing obvious.Mischaikow writes that between August and January, “Moves in equities often […]

Apple Shares Continue to Surge as Record-Breaking Market Cap …

Apple shares are currently valued at roughly $124 each in intraday trading, giving the Cupertino-based company a record-breaking market cap exceeding $720 billion. Apple stock continues to rise after the iPhone maker became the first U.S. company to close with a market cap over $700 billion on Tuesday, the same day in which CEO Tim Cook spoke live at the […]

Stock Market Ownership – Business Insider

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Jan. 9, 2015, 10:24 AM

Households represent the largest owner of the $23 trillion US stock market. But they represent a shrinking share.And believe it or not, hedge funds do not run the stock market.  In fact, they own only 4% of the market.Here’s a chart from Goldman Sachs’ Amanda Sneider breaking down the ownership mix since the 1945:Goldman Sachs

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