With All Eyes On Payrolls US Futures Tread Water; China Rises As Copper Crashes To New 6 Year Low

After going nowhere for the past week, last night Chinese equities opened with a bid tone and traded in the green all day long, resulting in the Shanghai composite ending the week with a gain of 2.2%, on what is gradually becoming a replica of US low volume levitation (to be expected after a third of market participants have now […]

E-pocalypse now: Airline, stock exchange hit by computer glitches …

E-pocalypse now: Airline, stock exchange hit by computer glitchesPublished time: July 08, 2015 23:56Get short URLReuters / Chip EastTagsHacking, Information Technology, Modernization, Politics, Security, USAUnited Airlines was writing boarding passes by hand before stopping all flights for three hours. Then the New York Stock Exchange halted all trades, citing a mysterious “technical glitch.” It wasn’t a cyberattack, US officials said […]

One pundit's stock-market top is another's crude-oil bottom …

Last week started off ugly and could have gotten even uglier when Janet Yellen “quite high’d” the market into a tizzy. The savvy trader might have spotted her cautionary flag on uppity valuations as a reason to buy. That trader would have been rewarded handsomely when Friday’s jobs report helped to drive blue chips to their best day in more […]

You'd Better Know Your High-Frequency Trading Terminology

The upsurge of investor interest in high-frequency trading (HFT) caused by Michael Lewis’ book “Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt” makes it important for industry professionals to come up to speed with HFT terminology. A number of HFT terms have their origins in the computer networking/systems industry, which is to be expected given that HFT is based on incredibly fast […]

Stock Market Margin Debt :: The Market Oracle :: Financial Markets …

Stock Market Margin DebtStock-Markets / Stock Markets 2014Feb 14, 2014 – 08:58 AM GMTBy: Fred_Sheehan

John Hussman (Hussman Funds) wrote in his February 3, 2014, Weekly Market Comment: “The latest data from the NYSE shows equity margin debt at a new all-time high. Relative to GDP, the current 2.6% level was eclipsed only […]

Sadly, No! » Alliteration and Hyperbole, Stocks in my Trade

Alliteration and Hyperbole, Stocks in my TradePosted at 15:23 by Provider_UNEA Preternatural Predilection.Recent almost events; triggers that have caused me to contemplate pulling mine have led me to the following epiphany: As I am the oldest of three (first born male) with two younger sisters I have always been burdened with a predilection towards protecting or helping those that lack […]